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Quality Custom Labels for Every Industry and Need

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been producing high-quality labels for over 30 years. We've been located in South Florida since being established in 1980. We are a GMP facility and produce pharmaceutical labels in compliance with FDA requirements, food labels, cosmetics labels, veterinary labels, and expanded text labels.

Led by one of the founding owners Dino Ferreiro, we are proud of our exemplary customer service and a sterling reputation for excellence. We are large enough to handle all levels of custom label production, but without losing individualized attention to each and every customer. Our size allows us to have great flexibility and prompt service since there is no large bureaucracy to navigate. All of our customer service managers have decision-making authority, which streamlines the process.

Our presses can handle every label printing job from narrow to wide and have the capability of up to ten colors in one pass. Our cutting-edge digital plate-making department allows us to go directly from the design process to the digital plate maker. This eliminates delays and costs while increasing accuracy. The result is a crisper plate and a better quality label.

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is continually expanding our printing capabilities with new presses and other quality control equipment to serve our customers fully. Our presses have features including hot and cold foil stamping, online silk-screening, fold-out labels, coupon labels, embossed labels, and premium multi-color print quality using UV inks. In addition to our physical plant, Blue Ribbon Label has an immensely talented creative art staff. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the artists consistently turn out well designed, eye-catching labels. One of our most important roles is working with our clients as a team. Our award-winning level of customer service is unparalleled. Our accolades include earning the “Vendor of the Year” award from SmithKline Beecham Animal Health, American Greetings, and Shering Plough.

Deadlines are sacred to us. We built Blue Ribbon Tag & Label’s infrastructure to assure we will meet your deadline for quality labels. Indeed, we are proud we have never missed a deadline. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label main facility is located in South Florida, where we have easy access to the thriving international business community. Our second facility in Puerto Rico enhances our international reach even more. Both of our factories are maintained at the highest level of environmental cleanliness to meet the demands of pharmaceutical label production.

About Blue Ribbon Tag & Label Professional Label Design

Labels of the World

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is the right choice for your company’s pressure sensitive labels, no matter where you are located.

We work with customers around the US and internationally and offer all customers the same outstanding service including:

  • Fast, convenient label design
  • Pre-production runs
  • Shipping discounts
  • Easy communication, Spanish or English
  • Credit arrangements for international customers

Why Choose Us?

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is the custom label printing company for you if:

  • You need labels with four or more colors. Our presses can handle all label sizes, making it more economical to run your order.
  • You have a large order. We are set up to run large orders with consistent quality on a timely basis. Our turnaround time is among the best in the industryand our quality is guaranteed.
  • You have a small order. Our state of the art HP Indigo Digital label press assures the highest quality printing for a runs at an extremely – almost unbelievable – competitive price.
  • You want your labels to be printed on special materials or adhere to unusual substrates. We take great pride in our ability to develop innovative solutions for extraordinary situations. We have solved these challenges successfully since 1980.
  • You need a specialty label that isn’t readily available. Blue Ribbon Label offers barcode labels, hot-stamp labels, expanded text labels, holograms and more to meet  your requirements. We are well known in the industry for bringing the latest in pressure-sensitive label technology to our customers.

Our Mission

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label’s mission statement says it all:About Blue Ribbon Tag & Label Professional Label Design

Our mission is simple: To produce the highest quality labels at a competitive price to be delivered on time as promised.

Our extraordinary customer service helps us stay true to our mission. Our customer service manager is responsible for knowing where your labels are in the production process at all times, making sure your order meets your deadline and providing ideas and information you need to make the most of your custom label printing dollar.

We thrive on finding solutions to challenges. A great example is a client who wanted the same color red Porsche uses for its sports cars. We had a car salesman drive the car to our factory so we could have it on hand to get the perfect color.
After many runs outside with sample colors, our pressman matched the color exactly to the car. It is just one example of our willingness to go the extra mile to please our customers.


Blue Ribbon Tag & Label offers the same superior level of customer service in English and Spanish.

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