Food and beverage labels are taken into special consideration because consumption is involved. Many factors are involved when designing a food or beverage label such as the temperature the product should be stored, how the product will be shipped, and how it will be displayed. Our team at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has years of experience in designing food labels and knows how to do it effectively.

Attractive Custom Food and Beverage Labels

In a crowded grocery store, competition can get stiff. Commonly, shoppers will judge food or drink based on how a label looks. An organized and appealing label can make all the difference in sea of the same type of products. Don’t miss out on the edge that custom labels can give you from competitors. Our design team understands this and our main goal for food labels is to create a label that will make your product stand out from other brands.

Long Lasting Labels

Product labels need to last at least as long as the life of the food or drink they’re placed onto. Foods that are in a can have a long expiration life, so a label has to last as long as the food. Food and drink stored in a freezer must have labels that will not peel away as soon as they reach freezing temperatures. We use materials that are both long-lasting and durable to withstand any conditions food and beverage products may be put through. Additionally, we put into consideration temperature differences, humidity, heat, and other chemicals that may affect a label’s quality and use versatile material for printing. So, custom food and beverage labels give you the confidence to know your products will have beautiful labels throughout the time of their use!

Staying Within Federal Guidelines

Food and beverage are monitored by the FDA, and the Food and Drug Administration, a federal organization organized by the U.S. government. To provide accurate information about food and beverage products to consumers, the FDA makes providing ingredients on labels mandatory. Additionally, they require that the manufacturer add other information as well. If you aren’t aware of this information and don’t know what you need to add to labels as far as what is federally expected, we can help! We’ve been making food and beverage labels for so long that we are very aware of what’s expected by the FDA. So, rather than taking a chance or investing in labels, you may find out later are not following legal guidelines, choose a custom label company with ALL of your needs in mind.

Ready for Food or Beverage Labels?

Do you have a food or beverage product that needs a label? Don’t miss out on the chance to make your product stand out from the rest. And, incorporate branding that will wow potential consumers at first glance! With custom food and beverage labels, whatever you need or envision for a product label, you can have it! Ready to talk to us about design, pricing, and timeline? Give Blue Ribbon Tag and Label a call today to speak with an experienced representative at (954) 922-9292.

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