Barcode and QR labels aren’t just for customers to check out items from retail establishments, they’re also important for inventory and processing. Most products require barcode labels, so having a trusted source for these labels that are created custom for your business needs can be helpful for your business operations. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label creates barcode and QR labels for businesses that need these labels timely and efficiently for all types of businesses and industries. 

The Various Types of Barcodes

Different types of products and industries require different types of barcode labels. Before ordering your barcode labels, you need to determine the type of barcode labels you’ll need. Some examples of the types of barcode labels available include Alpha 39 (standard barcode labels), UPC-A, Code 128, and QR code. Different types of codes are used for different needs, products, and uses. 

To find out what type of barcode you need and get approved for a specific type of barcode, get in touch with GS1. GS1 is a nationwide company that allows manufacturers and businesses to get barcode labels approved for use across the nation and get them accepted for use at all types of retailers.

Some Information About Custom Barcode Labels

Barcode labels must be readable by scanners used to track product inventory. So, they need to be clearly readable by using black and white ink. Regardless of the type of barcode you have assigned to you by GS1, all barcodes have a trackable UPC, which is a universal product code, which allows each product to have its own number in order for precise traceability. This means that every product has its own assigned barcode which allows businesses and retailers to keep track of products in inventory and ones that are sold to customers. 

Barcode labels can be printed on a number of materials. This makes it possible for products of all types to have barcode labels. Custom barcode labels can be printed for packaging including glass, metal, plastic and more. This means that no matter the type of packaging your product utilizes, there is a barcode label option that’s right for you and your product. 

What are QR Barcode Labels?

QR codes are a newer, different type of barcode label. While they can be utilized as barcodes, they can also be used to send information to consumers before or after they purchase a product. Essentially, QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned using a camera, like the one on your cell phone. This information is taken in through your device and then presents the user with a website or photograph they can click onto. This information can include a promotional event like a BOGO, a coupon, information about an upcoming brand event, information about the company, or much more! Many brands opt to use QR codes in addition to regular barcode labels to provide additional information to potential buyers of their products in order to gain trust and promote information that can’t be included on a product’s label. 

Getting Your Custom Barcode or QR Labels from Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been creating custom labels, including barcode labels, for industries of all types for over 30 years. We can run both small and large orders of labels and keep company information about barcode labels so that you can easily reorder anytime you need more labels. Get a free quote for your custom barcode or QR labels today right through our website. 

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