Do people still use bumper stickers to promote their brands? The simple answer is yes! Bumper stickers are a great way to get low-cost promotion for your brand that travels anywhere vehicles travel.

Take Your Message to the Roads

When you invest in custom bumper stickers for your business, event, or to spread a message that’s important to you, you can take your idea to the road! With a custom bumper sticker, you can use designs you have created yourself or designs you have our team of professionals helps you create. And, have them printed on quality vinyl material with removable adhesive for easy use and removal.

Vehicles can travel all over the continental US. So, when vehicle owners use your bumper sticker and travel, you get the advertising you want for your message all around the country! If you’re looking for a way to spread your message using advertising that’s tried and true, custom bumper stickers are a great option.

Custom Bumper Sticker Uses

The most traditional means for bumper stickers have been to showcase messages and logos for businesses including schools, colleges, small businesses, large corporations, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations. But, they’re also great for spreading messages like political campaigns, the benefit of adopting animals, and much more. So, they’re not only a great way that your customers or followers can spread awareness about your brand, but also spread any messages you want to project to the world.

Along with using bumper stickers on vehicles, they also can be applied elsewhere. As they are created with removable adhesive, they can be applied almost anywhere. This includes being applied to walls, equipment, windows, baggage, and much more! This means that custom bumper stickers have more than one use and can be seen anywhere they can be applied to.

Some of the Benefits of Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom bumper stickers are a promotional product that are great to hand out at company events. Once they’re applied, they can turn heads and get people talking about your company or message. Some of the benefits of creating and distributing custom bumper stickers includes:

  • great for inside or outside use with a removable but strong adhesive
  • can be applied outdoors as both vinyl and adhesive is waterproof/sunproof
  • can be custom created to any shape and size
  • quick printing time and available in all size orders
Marketing Made Simple and Easy

There’s a reason that bumper stickers are still widely available and made today – because they work! As they’re typically put on vehicles, they can be seen by hundreds of passersbys on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s a way of marketing that is so much more profitable than others. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to promote messages and brands without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re fun and can be made eye-catching so that people can see them from far distances. If you’re looking for a classic and meaningful way to spread a message or awareness for a brand that is inexpensive and works to promote your message or brand to a wide audience, custom bumper stickers are the way to go.

Custom Bumper Stickers from Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been creating custom stickers, including bumper stickers, for over 30 years! We can print any number of bumper stickers you need at a competitive price. And, even help you develop the design you need or implement a design you already have onto your stickers!

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