Does your business create products that need to be stored or transported in freezing temperatures? If so, your product and its labels need to be able to withstand these low temperatures not only through transit but throughout its entire life cycle. Freezer-grade labels are attached to products that are stored in freezing temperatures in order to ensure that they portray accurate information, aren’t destroyed, and are usable during the entire life of a product.

The Need for Freezer-Grade Labels

Products that need to be stored in a freezer will be subjected to cooler temperatures and even potential frost. So, traditional materials and adhesives used for common product labels aren’t heavy-duty enough. Freezer-grade labels utilize the materials necessary to keep labels on products that are stored at low temperatures, like in freezers, from falling off and being damaged not only during transit and storage but also in a consumer’s freezer.

Freezer-Grade Labels are Waterproof

As freezing temperatures may mean a moist environment and the build-up of ice and frost, freezer-grade labels need to be waterproof as well. Custom freezer-grade labels from Blue Ribbon Tag & Label are not only made to withstand below-freezing temperatures but also moisture as well. This means they can hold up to condensation and moisture even after they’re taken out of the freezer.

Freezer-Grade Labels Created Custom for Your Brand

While usability and durability are certainly important for freezer-grade labels, so is branding. When you choose Blue Ribbon Tag & Label for your freezer-grade labels, you can know that you’re getting labels not only of quality use but also of branded value. We create each of our custom labels with our client’s vision in mind. We can create freezer-grade labels to match your current branding efforts including graphics, information, colors, and more. Plus, we can even create freezer-grade labels that offer dual use, including peel-back labels that portray additional information about your brand or provide coupons. Whatever your vision for your freezer-grade labels, we can help make them a reality!

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