Have a product that doesn’t have packaging that you can just put an adhesive label on? Custom hang tags are a great way to showcase information on your products like your branding, product ingredients or fabrics, manufacturing details, pricing, and much more.

Hang Tags of All Sizes

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label can help to provide you with custom hang tags of all sizes. Whether you need large or small tags, our printing presses allow us to print and produce hang tags of all available sizes including:

  • 2” x 3.5”.
  • 2” x 4”.
  • 2.5” x 2.5”
  • and more

Hang Tags of All Shapes

Choosing the shape of your hang label is one of the most important details of the custom hang tag process. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label offers a number of different shapes for hang tags, so you can feel free to choose more traditional shapes or something that’s going to make your brand differ from all of the other products on the market. Some examples of custom hang tag shapes we offer include:

  • rectangular
  • circular
  • diamond
  • square
  • triangular
  • rounded corners
  • and more

Cardstock Options for Custom Hang Tags

Choosing custom hang tags gives you the option to choose a cardstock for your products that’s right for you and your brand. Various options for cardstock can change the feel and look of your custom hang tag. Some cardstock options that are great for custom hang tags include:

14pt: This measurement of cardstock is the primary weight for most marketing materials like business cards. They are not the heaviest of stock, but can be great for larger orders and also provide enough durability for a multitude of finish options.

16pt: This weight of cardstock is heavy-duty, so it is often the primary choice for luxury items or items that require heavy-duty labeling. It’s also the premiere choice for brands that want to showcase larger images on their labeling or offer a mass amount of information with text on their tags.

Options for Hang Tag Finishes

Finishes are what give hang tags their final coat, look, and feel. Choosing a specific finish allows a hang tag to have a unique appearance, and can bring out a brand’s vision with the rest of its marketing efforts including colors, logos, and graphics. Some of the options for hang tag finishes include:

Gloss Finish: This finish gives hang tags a shine effect that helps to make images and text more vibrant. So, it’s a great choice for brands who want to accentuate their branding graphics, colors, and imaging from their product hang tag labels.

High Gloss UV: This finish offers even more of a shine than the gloss finish. Thus, helping to even better define dark and light colors, making an even more distinguished look to images and colors. This type of finish also provides added protection so it’s a good choice for brands who want better durability for their customized hang tags.

Matte Finish: This is a finish that is without shine to promote a more modern look and a textured feel. It’s a common option for brands that want to advertise luxury products with a more contemporary look.

Hang Tag Design From Blue Ribbon Tag & Design

Need custom hang tags for your new branding or a new product release? Blue Ribbon Tag & Design doesn’t only offer hang tag printing and production, but we can also help with the design. Our custom product label design team can help you come up with the hang tag that best fits your brand vision and needs.

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