5 Things to do Before a New Product Launch

You’re excited about a new product. And, as you should be! A new product launch means many opportunities for your business. But, are you ready to release your new product into the world? If not, what are the steps to launching a new product? Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we have helped numerous business owners and product inventors with their new product launches. And, understand how the process of setting up a new product to do great consists of. So, we’ve come up with 5 things every business owner should consider doing before a new product launch.

#1: Make Sure your Product Solves a Problem

Anyone can make a product that’s already on the shelf and hope their product does better than a competitor’s who have had the same product on the market for some time. However, products that do well in terms of sales, especially in the beginning, are usually those that solve a consumer issue. What does your product have or do that the competition doesn’t? Likely, that piece is what will give your product the edge over others. And, allow your product to basically market itself.

#2: Does Your Product Meet the Needs of the Consumer?

Find out what people are saying about products similar to the new one you’d like to launch. It’s important to understand the needs they have for the products they use. This way, you can make sure your product can perform better than a competitor’s. Without meeting your consumer needs, your product won’t do too well. Ask questions of potential consumers, look for product reviews, and record your results.

#3: Develop a Prototype of your New Product

If you haven’t already, the next step in this process is to build a prototype of your new product. While the prototype may not be the ultimate design, this process can help you to determine how your product will meet all customer needs and address customer issues other products don’t. Plus, it will give you an idea of what will be needed for the development and manufacturing process of your new product. Prototypes do not have to be developed perfectly, but they should portray the idea that the product meets the needs of the target consumer.

#4: Test the Prototype

Once you have a prototype, you can gain information from potential consumers. Ask the prototype audience what they think about the product, how it can be made better, and what should be omitted from the product’s design or development. Basically, the prototype will allow you to collect data about how your product will do once it’s on the market. And, determine what changes need to be made to meet the needs of the consumer audience.

#5: Get Packaging and Custom Product Labels

After you’ve started development but before your new product launch, you’ll need to determine both packaging and labeling for your products. First, determine which materials and shape the packaging will consist of. And, once the packaging is determined, find a professional custom product label company like Blue Ribbon Tag and Label. This way, you’re certain the label design allows for all information required by law and also meets the expectations of potential consumers.

Ready for a Custom Label for your New Product Launch?

Need a design concept for a new product you’re excited to launch? Share your ideas with Blue Ribbon Tag and Label and we will come up with a sample label for your new product! Contact us today to speak with an experienced label representative about getting started on your new product’s label design.

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