Chemical Labeling Special Considerations

Chemical labeling carries a whole slew of special considerations when it comes to creating a label for your product. In addition to the regular marketing you want to make sure you cover on your label, you also need to make sure the appropriate warnings are listed clearly to avoid lawsuits and make sure people know exactly what they are purchasing. Businesses should know what chemicals are used in the product as they should be able to access this information from the lab that created the product. When creating a product, those working in labs need to note down everything they used to ensure they can give this information to those who are labeling the product. Chemicals can be dangerous, as those in the labs will know, so it’s vital that the information is correct. Often, the people creating these products are made to wear protective safety wear to prevent them from getting injured by any chemicals. This safety wear is normally washed by companies like, ensuring they are ready to be worn again. Given that these are the precautions taken by the ones putting the products together such as companies like Thermograde, it’s important that they give detailed listings of what is in the product to prevent a consumer from getting hurt.

Chemical Labeling Regulations

According to OSHA, new regulations have been put into place regarding hazardous materials. It requires that information about chemical hazards be conveyed right on the label of the product using quick visual notifications to alert the user. This creates more safety because the user will be able to recognize the hazard with a glance rather than having to search for the information. Chemical labeling must also have instructions on how to handle the substance so that people know how to protect themselves and limit hazards and accidents. Having the right labels on chemicals also ensures that they are stored in cabinets designed for the same. For example, flammable substances might need to be stored in a separate cabinet from other potentially toxic chemicals. With the right understanding of the chemicals being used, it will also become easier for the people working with said chemicals to obtain the correct safety equipment and storage cabinets for dangerous goods. This will further enable the workers to ensure proper handling and storage of hazardous substances.

If the product is a hazardous chemical, it must contain the following:

  • Contact Information of the manufacturer.
  • Product Identifier ID’s the product, either by the chemical’s name, a code number, or even a batch number.
  • Signal Word. This word can be either “warning” or “danger”, with a warning being less severe, and danger being more severe of the two.
  • Hazard Statement describes what can happen – ie: dangerous when it comes into contact with skin, eyes, or is ingested.
  • Precautionary Statement must cover best practices when handling the product, including prevention of danger, how to respond in the case of misuse, how to store the product, and how to properly dispose of it.
  • Pictograms are identifying pictures from OSHA that immediately display what kinds of hazards the product holds. Health hazards, possibility of fire, explosion, or death must all be displayed on the label.

Chemical Labeling is Different

Chemical labeling obviously has special considerations, but aside from the warnings and precautions, they still need many of the basic things regular labels do to make them stand out from the competition. You want to make sure that a potential buyer knows why your product is better than the rest, and how it will benefit them. If the main benefit is an affordable price, then make sure your label conveys cost effectiveness. If it is a standout product that costs a lot, you want to make sure it conveys confidence and luxury.

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