Are Custom Roll Labels Right for Your Product?

Sticker labels are some of the most commonly used types of product labels. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we can help business owners come up with a specific sticker label to meet their needs. So, before committing to a label type that’s not as customizable, consider custom roll labels.

What are Custom Roll Labels?

Basically, custom roll labels are customizable stickers that after printing from the press, are rolled onto a core for easy product application. With a label applicator, they are placed onto product packaging without the risk of human error. If you’re looking for sticker labels but don’t have an automated label applicator, we can also develop sheet sticker labels. This way, labels are placed onto packaging by hand and don’t come in a roll, but on sheets, for easier release.

What’s Customizable About Roll Labels?

Both sheet and roll sticker labels are highly customizable. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so they are used for almost any product. Plus, they are available in a number of materials to offer many application settings. Need a sticker label that does well in the heat? We can customize your roll labels to last in extreme temperatures. Need a sticker label that matches the shape or size of packaging? We can come up with a solution to meet your expectations.

Additionally, custom roll labels and sticker sheet labels are made to showcase graphics. Have an image or logo you want to incorporate into your product labels? Simply send us the image and we can determine how it will look on the labels you require!

Customizable Finishes

Besides color, graphics, and materials, finishes are what give product labels their customization and allow them to stand out on their own. There are a number of finishes roll labels can incorporate including:

Gloss: The degree of gloss can offer both protection and shine. Whether you want a super shiny, high gloss, or minimal gloss, this finish provides a “like new” look to labels.

Matte: The opposite of gloss, matte is a finish that offers a subdued look. It’s great for labels that are going for a more vintage style. Or, those who don’t want to showcase a shiny appearance.

Both degrees of matte or gloss finish are selected between varnishes, laminates, or UV coatings. Depending on the protection needed and how long a product’s shelf life is, we can help to select the finish that can meet your expectations.

Get Help Customizing Roll Labels

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we’ve been helping people get the customizable labels they need for product placement for years. And we have over 40 years of experience helping to make visions into reality. Speak to us about your label vision and we can come up with a quote for our services! Contact us through our website to tell us about your next label project!

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