Benefits of Investing in a Custom Shrink Sleeve Label

You may be proud to offer your business’ products to the marketplace. But, without the right product branding, it’s going to be hard for your products to take off. Custom labels help to market your products to the right audience as well as provide potential customers with the information they need to determine whether or not your product is right for them. However, the standard sticker label isn’t the best fit for every product. So, if you’re looking for the perfect label type for your product that is both durable and can fit the shape of any type of packaging, a custom shrink sleeve label may be what you need. Find out more about the benefits of custom shrink sleeve labels to determine if they’re the best fit for your product.

Some of the benefits of a shrink sleeve label include:

It Can Fit a Variety of Packaging Shapes

One of the best things about shrink sleeve labels is that they can adhere to packaging and products that aren’t the typical shape. This is why a number of drink and bottle manufacturers choose shrink sleeve labels as it can be challenging to adhere traditional labels to these types of products. Choosing shrink sleeve labels for non-traditional shape packaging and products can save a world of trouble. And, look great while doing so.

More Room for Branding

With traditional labels, you only get a specific area of the product’s surface to showcase information and branding. However, shrink sleeve labels wrap around the entire surface of a product’s packaging, giving you more room to provide information, showcase graphics and images, and promote your brand’s mission. This allows your product to show more of what your brand offers and gives you a better chance to sell your product to potential buyers.

Options for Tamper Resistance

Shrink sleeve labels have the option to have peel-away or twist-away tamper-resistant sealing. This allows your customers to trust that your product hasn’t been tampered with and can give them a reason to choose your products over a competitor’s that doesn’t offer this safety feature.

Runs for Any Size

Shrink sleeve labels utilize digital printing technology which means that they’re not just for large runs, but can be an option for shorter runs too. This allows companies the option to run short runs for promotional purposes like limited edition products, holiday products, or any other short-run need. This can allow you to save money and make your products sold for shorter periods of time to have their own special, custom labels as well.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels from Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by using shrink sleeve labels? Blue Ribbon Tag & Label designs and develops custom shrink sleeve labels for businesses and products of all sizes and types. Find out more about our label design services and print order process from our website today.

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