How to Boost Marketing Efforts with Coupon Labels

There are many ways to market your business and products, including coupons. Coupons are promotional labels which can offer discounts and rebates to consumers after the purchase of a product or service. The purpose of coupon labels is to increase consumer trust and establish lasting relationships so that initial customers become return customers and return customers remain happy. Because coupon labels come in many shapes and forms, virtually every industry can take advantage of the benefits they provide. Thousands of consumers troll sites like Raise, looking for the best kind of coupon so it’s really worth investing in your own coupon. See which type of coupon labels your product or service might make the best use of to increase your marketing efforts!

Types of Coupon Labels

Because coupon labels can be used in a number of ways, there are a number of types of coupon labels. Some of the types of coupon labels include:

Clean Release Labels: These coupon labels reveal discounts, free giveaways, surveys, QR codes, or more when peeled back. Basically, they are coupons which are already attached to the product and are easily removed to reveal the savings or promotions within. Also known as “piggyback labels”, they offer the ability to print on both sides of the released label, as well as the top layer of the label the clean release was attached to. This makes it easy for consumers to utilize the coupons rewards immediately. And, offer the option to keep the contents of the promotion a secret until it is peeled back. Clean release coupon labels can be used for any retail item, mail advertisements, newsletters, and much more!

Expanded Text Labels: If you’re looking for a way to provide coupons but you don’t want to take away from original product packaging or labeling, expanded text labels may be the solution you’re looking to find. Basically, they give labels the ability to be pulled away from their packaging to offer additional information on the other side through text, barcodes, graphics, and more. Once the information is gathered from the reverse side, the expanded text labels are designed to stick right back into their positioning. While expanded text labels are a way to offer any additional information, they can be a great way to utilize coupons as a marketing tool.

Peel Away Coupon Labels: Last but not least, peel away coupon labels provide the information you want to provide without taking away any space or design from your product labels. They’re simply attached to a product’s label and provide the ability be released upon peel. Then, the released part of the label can be used to redeem discounts or other promotional objectives. Choosing this type of coupon label will allow you not to have to make any changes to label design or packaging, as they can simply be added to what you already have currently.

Choosing Blue Ribbon for Your Coupon Needs

Do you have a promotion, survey, reward program, discount, or giveaway you’d like to make available to consumers with coupon labels? Get more out of your coupon labels by choosing a professional, experienced company to design them! Whatever you have in mind, we can come up with a design and concept which will exceed your expectations. We know so because we’ve been doing it for business owners for over three decades! Want a free quote? Give us a call today at (954) 922-9292!

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