Having Fun With Bottle Labels

Bottle labels are something to get creative with either as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project or getting them custom printed. Either way, there is plenty you can do with a bottle label to make it ideal for the shelves of a store or for an event like a wedding or 30th birthday. Getting custom labelling for bottles, similar to Custom Water bottled water, can also be good for businesses to get their branding out into the world whilst also impressing customers.

Unique Bottle Label Ideas:

Custom Mini-Labels

When you think about labels, don’t think one-size-fits-all. From regular-sized labels to mini custom labels, there is something you can do for every product. Mini labels are great for gift items or samples. Even if the surface of your product is too small, you can think about options like tie-on labels, or accordion labels that pull out with more information. From jams to mini bottles of alcohol, this is a great option.

Stick-On Labels or Tie-on Labels

Going a little further into a point we made above, you don’t always need to only use the surface area of your product for labeling. There are creative ways to tie labels onto bottles that give a really fun, unique look. And, these kinds of labels can either be custom printed, or DIY, depending on your budget, time, and needs

Clear Labels

These kinds of labels are great for a bigger product surface, where you can really showcase the product that is in your bottle. From drinks like wine, beer and water to products like lotion and olive oil, you can take your product’s rich natural coloring into consideration when making a label that is clear and only the words stand out.

Themed Labels

This is a great idea for holidays or parties that have a theme to them. For example, maybe you are releasing a special kind of wine for the holidays, so how better make it stand out on the shelves than having the same holiday theme right on your label? People will automatically be drawn to the artwork to match the holiday they are celebrating. This can go with anything – say you are creating water bottle labels for a convention – using a visual of what the convention is about is a great way to attract people to your product.

Making Bottle Labels

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we have years of experience creating labels to stand out in the crowd, while also making sure they are appropriately durable for the way the product is going to be used. Our design team wants to create a label for you that is both professional and appealing, with a shelf-life that matches that of the product. Additionally, we make sure that label quality is above average and that the materials used will be able to withstand any normal conditions they are put through. Our goal is simple – to create unique, professional, and durable labels for your products that get you noticed!

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