What to Know about Cosmetic Product Label Design

The cosmetic product label design for your brand is of extreme importance to your business. It is what attracts your customers, tells them what your product does, and informs them on ingredients used. Before placing your cosmetic product on the market, there are some labelling regulations, trends, and options that you should consider.

Safety Regulations of Cosmetic Labels

The first thing that you should be aware of when developing a cosmetic product label design is the regulations on cosmetic labels. The Federal Drug Administration regulates cosmetic labelling to prevent misbranded and misleading labels. To prevent your label from being flagged as misbranded, you must make sure that your label includes a few details. This includes the distributor’s name and address, the net quantity of product, and clearly stated facts about the product that do not cause confusion. Mislabeled products are those that do not provide necessary information about the product and contain misleading suggestions. Make sure that you follow the Federal Drug Administration’s regulations to ensure that your cosmetic product label design has the best chance at success.

Inspire Beauty into your Cosmetic Product Label Design

Cosmetics are products that are applied to create a better appearance. If your cosmetic product inspires beauty, shouldn’t they be appealing as well? The focus of the design on your cosmetic label should associate with its purpose. The kind of customers that purchase cosmetics are the kind of people that care about appearance. Enhance your cosmetic product’s appearance with beautiful designs brought to you by Blue Ribbon Tag and Label.

Protection of your Cosmetic Label from the Elements

Cosmetics are often placed in situations that get them wet or expose them to the sun. For example, a face wash may be kept in the shower and sunscreen brought to the beach. Because of the exposition to these elements, your cosmetic label should be able to withstand a certain amount of abuse. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label offers a cosmetic label design that is water and weatherproof. This means that no matter how humid or wet the environment, the label won’t slip or fade. You should make sure that the cosmetic label for your product is quality throughout various environments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Choosing a Label Company for Your Product

When it comes to choosing a label company for your product, quality, beauty, and durability should be your focus. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label meets all of these standards when it comes to label design. We work with our client’s design ideas to come up with the perfect label for their products and customers. Do not waste an opportunity to create a reason for your customers to buy your product. If you are interested in seeing what Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can do for your company, get a quote<hyperlink> on our website, call us at 954-922-9292, or toll-free at 1-800-433-4974.

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