Having Fun with Custom Label Printing

Custom Label Printing Ideas

There are so many interesting things you can do with custom label printing to really convey the idea of your product. Here are some of our favorites to make your product stand out from the crowd and clearly get your message across!

  • Keep it simple! No one wants information overload when they are trying to get through their grocery shopping. Keeping things simple and to-the-point is key. Making sure the benefits of your product jump off the label, figuratively, is good so that people can know the product is what they need at a glance.
  • Unique Shapes. Especially when it comes to food label design, shapes are eye catching and can make your product stand out from others. Think outside of the box and envision shapes that convey the look and feel of your product.
  • Lettering and Font. You can really personalize a label by customizing the font. Take everything into consideration, for example, script conveys elegance and wealth, while block lettering evokes feelings of childhood and basic fun. Think about your product and what kind of feelings you want customers to associate with it, and then use the appropriate letters.
  • Knocked-out Text. This is an especially cool option for food and drinks. Knocked-out text is where the finish of your product shows where the text would be, so in essence, the letters are cut out. This is very appealing for food and drinks like wine because it allows you to showcase what the product looks like – allowing it to sell itself.
  • Color. Like lettering and font, the color of your label instantly draws the eye and evokes certain feelings in people. Women’s products can have shades of pink and red, men’s would have blues and greens. If your color decision isn’t that clear-cut, you can do a survey of your customers to see what kind of colors they associate with your product, or perhaps do a few trials with a select group of people.
  • Pictures. If you have enough space, logos and pictures are a great addition to any label, either to picture the product in use or use an appropriate image that would complement your product efficiently.

Custom Label Printing is Easy and the Possibilities Are Endless

These are just some tips on how to customize your labels. It’s always a good idea to know your target audience by doing a little market research before you commit to a final label. Also, remember that as time goes on, people will recognize your product by the label, so keeping a set look and feel to your product helps to create brand loyalty.


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