Craft Beer Labels Now Need Approval Before Printing

It seems as though business owners must jump through many hoops before the final launch of their product. But, those in the alcohol industry have to jump through even more hoops as their products are more regulated and restricted. For example, recently, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) released a report stating that all craft spirit and craft beer labels must first be approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TBB). Obviously, this affects anyone in the craft beer industry that’s trying to put new products on the market. But, fortunately, knowing more about the label design process can help craft beer business owners protect their investments. And, continue to release the products they want as smoothly as possible.

The Effects of This Change

So, what are the effects of craft beer business owners having to send label designs for approval to the TBB? Basically, it speeds down production. When you have to add another step onto the production process, products aren’t sent to market on time. Obviously, this can lead to the loss of funds. Especially when timelines have already been set and deadlines need to be met. In most cases, this new 2019 rule has two different effects on craft beer businesses:

  1. Labels are not made yet but the product is. So, the beer is bottled without labels and needs to be rerun once the labels are approved and printed. This may incur extra charges for the extra run.
  2. Labels are run on the product packaging first. So, the product needs to rest in the tanks until both labels and packaging are complete. Thus, delaying other products from their manufacturing and packaging timelines.

Other Hurdles Craft Beef Businesses Have to Jump

Along with having to get an approval for new labels, craft beer companies must jump over other hurdles as well. Specifically, these may include:

  • Regulations on distribution. Craft beer distribution laws vary state-by-state. While some allow self-distribution, others limit self-distribution while the rest disallow it entirely. Before starting with label creation, craft beer suppliers should understand the distribution laws in their state. And, make sure to be keeping within the distribution laws of any state they plan on selling to and in.
  • Alcohol boards monitor distribution, sales, and overall production. While there are only 18 states who currently have an alcohol board, craft beer suppliers need to understand the regulations of the boards of any states they plan on selling in or to.
  • Competition is growing rapidly. With the number of distilleries and breweries expanding so fast, it can be hard to get distributors on board for production.

What Craft Beer Suppliers can do About Craft Beer Labels

Fortunately, there’s a way around having to suffer through a production slow down due to craft beer label regulation. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we work to make the labeling process seamless with businesses of every industry, including craft labels. So, we will do what we can to help the process as we understand the need for regulations and approval processes.

We help to both create and develop custom craft beer labels. And, can deliver the design for approval before it’s printed. This way, you don’t have to have your product sit in a tank or start labeling your packaging before your label has approval. Contact us to start on an eye-catching label that will stand out to your distributors and the customers in the stores today.

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