Take a Competitive Approach to Craft Beer Labels

Craft beer is a craze sweeping the nation now more than ever. New businesses, long-standing enterprises, and even hobbyists are jumping on the delicious craft beer trend. Since there are craft breweries popping up all over the United States, competitors need an edge to help their products stand out from the others. Craft beer labels are a great option when considering this competitive edge because they can bring spunk and flare to a product. Before you decide on a label that makes your product uniquely your own, consider the few tips that Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation provides for considering craft beer label design.

Design Toward your Customer Base

Before you can start to come up with a specific design for your craft beer labels, you need to consider your customer base. Some people brew beer just as a hobby, where other people brew beer in large breweries for mass consumption. Make sure that whatever design you go with for your labels will attract the customer base that you want to target. If your customer base likes the traditional style and flavor of your beer, you might want to go with a more traditional look. If you are targeting craft beer connoisseurs, your customer base will respond best to a design that implements the character and differences of your beer as opposed to your competitors.

Don’t Shy Away from Flare

Custom craft beer labels really don’t have a set standard. They allow for freedom when it comes to design, and in turn, provide you with freedom for how you want your label to look. Many companies go all out with a funky mascot or image that they want their beer to be associated with so that it stands out on the shelf. Instead of going the traditional route with lettering and description, many craft beer enterprises will utilize the power and persuasiveness of color and imagery. Try to come up with a color scheme and images that you can implement on your craft beer labels that cause your customers to take a closer look.

Consider what Makes you Unique

Since there are plenty of different kinds and brands of beer, there are lots of different angles to consider when considering labels. Before coming up with a design, identify what you wish your product and company stands for through your labels. What is unique about your product? What makes your company stand out amongst the others? Expand on how your beer tastes, what inspired the upbringing of your company, and where the ingredients came from. Whatever gives your product an edge, use it in your label design.

Different Labels for Different Products

Beer companies do not usually only produce one beer product. Since there are many different types, flavors, and styles of beer selection, use this to your company’s advantage. Consider making different labels that have their own identity so that customers who drink your beer are more prone to coming back for another product. Make sure to incorporate something that ties all of your products together so that they are easily recognizable as a beer that was developed from your company brand.

Custom Craft Beer Labels from Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation

If you are ready to get started with the development of your very own custom craft beer labels, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation can help! We have been a label industry leader in the development and design of unique and beautiful custom labels for a number of different industries for over thirty years, including craft beer. Our team of designers can help you come up with a strategic plan of attack for your products so that they stand out from the competitor and give you the edge your company requires! Don’t let something as important as the image of your company go to waste by implementing labels that don’t stick, aren’t beautiful quality, or do not represent your business the way that you had imagined. If you would like to view some of our work and see some of the services and options that we provide, please check out our website for more information. If you would like to get a quote for custom beer labels today, please call us at (954) 922-9292.


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