Our “Two-Scents” About Custom Candle Jar Labels

Ah, candles! Who doesn’t love a good-smelling room? And, what better way to get a sweet aroma flowing through your house than a wonderfully-scented candle? Well, baked goods might do the trick. But candles are definitely the next best thing! So, as a producer of candles, one of your main goals is to get your scented goodness off the store shelves and onto coffee tables in the homes of consumers. But how do you do that? Well, you’ve designed an incredible product, which is the first step. The next step, however, is almost as important as the smell of your candles. What’s the first thing that leads people to pick up an item from the crowded store shelf? That’s right, the appearance. Before people even smell your candles, they’re going to notice your candle jar labels.

Making Your Candle a “Must-Have”

Okay, so, you’ve created a candle that smells absolutely amazing. Maybe you’ve made a candle that smells exactly like springtime in a jar. Perhaps you’ve got candles that smell like pumpkin pie. Their scent immediately makes people feel holiday joy. Or, possibly, you’ve captured the freshness of a beautiful day all in one wax-filled container. You’re positively sure that the spectacular scents you’ve produced will blow the minds of people who buy them. But, that’s just it. You’ve got to get people to buy them! The best way to do that is to create candle jar labels that will draw people towards your particular brand.

How does one make their product something that consumers really want? What can people do to create a brand that people love and trust? Well, believe it or not, the way your product is presented can make or break the deal. So, yes, your candle jar labels are the key to getting people to take a whiff of and purchase that good smelling product of yours. Let’s talk about some basic tips that you can apply when designing your custom candle jar labels.

How to Design Perfect Candle Jar Labels

Safety first! You should definitely include safety information on your candle jar labels. Make sure this info is easily seen on the front or back of the jar. Let consumers know where not to burn the candle and to keep the item out of children’s reach.

Sometimes, less is more. Crazy right? If you have a candle that is bursting with an amazing scent, shouldn’t the label express that? Actually, not really. Rather, we should say, not always. Of course, some exotic scents are best described as such on the label. But, your candle jar labels don’t always have to be super busy as far as design is concerned.

Choose an appropriate look. The best kind of material to use for your labels really depends on the look you’re going for. The appearance of your brand should reflect the product itself. Keep in mind that, although the label colors may vary based on the scents and colors of your wax, your logo and brand name should look the same on all of your products. For instance, your holiday candle may be red, leading you to use a holiday color for the label. Your spring scent may be a brighter color, so you may want to use a springtime color for your label. That’s fine, but you should still make sure that your brand is easily recognized, no matter what color the label is.

Designing Your Label With Blue Ribbon

Need a great custom label design for your candles? Look no further than Blue Ribbon Tag & Label! We can help you create a label or print the ones you’ve already designed. Just contact Blue Ribbon for all of your label designing and printing needs! Call us at (954) 922-9292 or request a quote on our website!

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