How Designing Engaging Beverage Labels Boosts Business

Whether your company specializes in making beer, soda, wine, juice, water, or any other beverage, your label will be the first thing a thirsty customer will notice when quenching their thirst. Take pride in your product–give it the chance it needs to compete in the competitive beverage market. And, give consumers a great first impression by investing in custom beverage labels which provide appealing design and engaging information.

Choosing Materials for Beverage Labels

Undoubtedly, one of the first things you’ll need to consider when thinking about beverage label design is the material which will be used. Beverages need to be stored in refrigerators, so they need to be able to handle cold. Additionally, they may come into contact with condensation, so they need to be able to handle that exposure. The material incorporated into design needs to be durable enough to handle specific environments, shipping, and handling. Commonly, a clear film material is chosen for beverage labels, which works well in holding up for the life of beverage products.

Also available for beverage products are shrink wrap labels, which are clear film labels that wrap around the entire packaging which are applied by a shrink wrap gun in the production phase. These labels can incorporate colors and graphics as desired and provide extra protection. The ability to design around an entire bottle makes products with shrink wrap labels stand out in stores. Their growing popularity in a number of industries confirms that they work in grabbing the attention of shoppers and boosting sales!

Deciding Between Label Shapes for Beverage Labels

Usually, label shapes are designed around packaging shape. And, beverage containers can be shaped in a number of ways. If you go with shrink wrap labels, you won’t have to worry about label shape because the material will be shaped to surround the entire packaging. But, if you go another route, you’re going to have to decide which shape you want your beverage labels to be. While we can incorporate any size or shape your heart desires, choosing a shape which matches well with your packaging is essential. Otherwise, your label may not sit well onto your products, giving off an awkward and unprofessional look.

Flexographic or Digital Printing for Beverage Labels?

If you’ve ever ordered labels before, you know there are most commonly two type of printing solutions available–flexographic and digital. Flexo printing incorporates metal plates developed specifically for each label design to quickly deliver hundreds or thousands of labels in one single order. This type of printing allows for any color, material, design, shape, or any other customizable aspect. For smaller orders, it’s usually suggested that digital printing is utilized. With advancing technology, digital printing can provide beautiful, quality imaging and printing solutions at an affordable price. Whichever method you choose, we can provide sample labels so that you know exactly what you’re ordering before you make your decision!

Choosing Artwork for Beverage Labels

It’s always a good idea to incorporate some kind of graphic or imagery onto beverage labels. Colorful photography and imaginative graphics can actually psychologically influence consumers to purchase products. So, if you have an idea for a graphic, logo, or photo, we can help to come up with a label design which incorporates your vision. Our design team is experts in coming up with design aspects which can be utilized in custom label design. And, we can usually use photos and graphics our clients send to us the way they want!

Need Custom Beverage Labels?

If you have a beverage product which needs labeling, choose a custom solution which will influence potential buyers to purchase! Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we can come up with a free, no-obligation estimate for our services before we work together and go through the design process! To get a quote, contact us today on our website!

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