Determining Label Dimensions, Sizes, and Shapes

There is no one-size-fits-all product label. So, if you have a product which requires a label, you’re going to need to find out which size and shape you need. To figure label dimensions, first, consider what may or may not affect your label shape or size.

What May Affect Label Dimensions?

Before you go about finding the right size and shape of label you need, you’ll need to determine what may affect the dimensions of your product labels. These may include:

  • Size and shape of packaging
  • Required information by the FDA
  • Graphics or logos
  • Your preferences

Size and Shape of Packaging

It’s always best to consider packaging before product label design. If you go with a product label design before choosing packaging, you run the risk of the label not fitting the way you like or not having a shape that mirrors or compliments packaging. Additionally, it’s imperative to know which materials you’ll use in packaging your products so that the correct adhesive or application process may be utilized when administering your labels to your product packaging.

Required Information to Include on Labels

Additionally, before committing to a product label design or label dimensions, you should be aware of all the required information you need to include. If your product is a food, medication, or cosmetic, rules and regulations based on label information are set by the Food and Drug Administration, a federal government agency. You can find all the information you need to determine which content your label should include on their website.

Graphics or Logos

If you have a specific image or logo in mind for your label, you’ll need to make sure the measurements of the image will fit onto your product packaging. Labels can be shaped into the form of specific images. But, rugged outlines may only look best on certain materials or shapes of packaging. Also, choosing larger graphics or logos may take up space you need for required content, ingredients, nutritional facts, or any other information you may wish to add to your label. So, when considering label dimensions and the size or shape of your label, consider the graphics you’ll use as well.

Your Preferences

Before considering label dimensions, first, consider what size and shape you want your label to be. More often than not, the size or shape of a label can be matched to what a business owner wants, depending on the other factors listed above. And, having an idea in mind can help us as professionals to provide you with the label of your dreams. So, if you have an idea for the size and shape of your label, bring it to us and we’ll tell you if it’s possible based on your industry needs and packaging aspects.

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