The Benefits of Digital Printing Label Design Services

Digital printing is taking over the label industry for a few good reasons. Knowing all about your options for label design before you decide upon the label for your product is best for marketing decisions. Digital printing in label design services has given Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation the ability to offer quality, affordable, and a wide selection of tags and labels.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is when labels or tags are made from an image derived from a digital source. This differs from offset printing, which has been the standard in printing for over a century. Flexo printing images are derived from a plate, which is not produced digitally. Although there are pros and cons to each type of printing, digital printing is becoming more popular each year in label design services because of its perks.

The Pros of Digital Printing

Large Selection: Digital printing can now offer the same options as offset printing since the technology has advanced so fast in the last few years. The colors, designs, and materials that you desire can all now be used in digital label design services.

Affordability: If you are looking for a small number of labels or you need to test out a few ideas before you decide on the right label for your product, digital printing is the way to go. The printing plate developed for offset printing is fairly expensive, but the cost is offset when a large number of labels or tags are printed. For smaller jobs, digital printing is optimal since the high cost for the image press plates is not a factor.

Quality: Flexo printing is the highest standard in quality label design services. Digital printing follows behind Flexo printing by just a hair in these quality standards. To the untrained eye, one would not be able to tell the difference between the two. Quality should be the number one concern in deciding which labels to choose for your product. Digital printing gives you the wide range of options and keeps you from spending extra money for just about the same quality printing.

Deciding on Digital Printing Label Design Services

If you are looking for versatility, quality, and affordable labels for your products, digital printing is the right option for your business. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation will work with your design ideas and product stipulations to come up with the perfect label or tag you need. If you have any questions about our printing services, please call 1-800-433-4974 or visit our website for an estimate.

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