Deciding on the Right Finish for Label Design Services

Different finishes on labels can provide you with different options for design as well as provide a protective covering for your label with optimal durability. Finishes can also give your label the right feel for your product that you are looking for. Give your product the best chance of success by making them stand out from others with adding finishes to your label design services.

Matte vs. Gloss Finishes

A gloss finish provides your label with a very sheen and shiny look, where matte finishes are the exact opposite with a more muted presence. When deciding what kind of finish you want on your labels, it is really just a matter of what looks best to you. Some people like the look of a high gloss, others like the subtlety of the dull matte finish. Some people like a combination of the two and land somewhere in the middle. All are viable options, but it does help to look at industry trends when deciding on finishes. For example, many wine labels adopt the antiqued look that a matte label provides. On the contrary, food and nutrition labels usually incorporate a high-gloss finish. There are, however, exceptions to every rule, and making a style that’s your own can help your product stand out amongst others in the store.

Any hue of gloss can be obtained, from extremely shiny to the dullest of mattes. Finishes can also be applied heavier or lighter, depending on your preference. Different materials will allow the finishes to appear differently, so make sure you are aware of what glosses look like on the material that you prefer.

Exact and Flood Finish Applications

Flood refers to a finish that is applied to the entire label. This can be done to hold ink in place on the paper of the label, like lamination. A flood finish provides an extra layer of barrier so that your label will be able to withstand the elements. Sometimes finishes are used solely for this intention.

Exact finishing is applying a gloss or matte finish in only specific areas on your product label. This gives your label multiple effects and texture to provide some contrast. Exact finishing’s also gives labels a custom and different look, making the areas in which finish features either stand out or feature as an undertone. Since finishes are applied just like ink, some labels only utilize finish. This allows for unlimited possibilities for applying finish to label design services.

Embossed Finishes

Finishes can also give texture to labels. Matte finishes are more of a tougher feel, and gloss is smooth and slick to the touch. The idea of utilizing a finish that provides texture is that customers will be tempted to hold your product. Once they feel the texture and character of the label, they will know that the product was designed with a lot of thought, making it hard to resist purchasing.

Label Design Services and Finish Labels

If you are ready to start designing your very own custom product label, the label design services at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can provide you with the finishes you want and need. To see the services we offer, please visit our website. Contact information is provided if you would like to move forward with our label and tag design team.

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