4 Hazard Communication Labels OSHA Requires

Hazard communication labels let you and your employees know of dangers to safety in the workforce so that injury or death may be prevented. They’re not only helpful, but they’re a mandatory requirement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, if you present a workplace that incorporates these dangers and you don’t provide the required hazard communication labels, your business may be fined, or worse, shut down completely. Make sure you’re prepared to do business safely and correctly according to government standards with these hazard communication labels.

Electrical Hazard Labels

Electrical safety labels can help individuals recognize areas of high voltage. These areas, if not approached and dealt with correctly, can lead to serious injury or death. Injuries can include shock, arc flash, arc blast, and electrocution. So, OSHA requires that any meter socket enclosures, switchboards, motor control centers, and panelboards be labeled accordingly. Additional to these areas, NFPA 70E 2015 OSHA requirements also request that all electrical equipment that must undergo maintenance, adjustment, or examination throughout its lifetime be labeled for risk of arc blast as well. These labels must include the arc flash boundary, voltage of the labeled system, and a minimal rating of clothing used or energy of apparent arc flash.

Heavy and Automated Machinery Labels

Labeling machinery to address potential hazards can prevent a multitude of accidents. Automated and heavy machinery presents a number of hazards and should be accompanied by guards. Along with safety guarding, these machines need to be labeled of their hazards and use of guards. Labels can portray pictures of how machinery should be used, information about the proper use of machine guards, and much more.

Chemical Hazard Labels

If your workplace requires the use of hazardous chemicals, labels can help workers to identify these hazards so they may be prevented. These labels may help to identify safety measures for disposing of these chemicals, what to do in the instance of chemical spills, and safety measures to use in a cleanup. Chemical exposure can lead to a number of health-related issues, so these labels help to relay the message to utilize proper safety precautions when handling them.

Hazard Communication Labels

Whenever something poses a threat to health, it’s usually required by OSHA that hazard communication labels be utilized. Examples of hazards may include asbestos, magnetic fields, radioactive ingredients, flammable equipment, and much more. Make sure that workers or any other visitors to your workplace are aware of hazardous materials to protect both you and them from the consequences.

OSHA Standards for Hazard Communication Labels

If you need hazard communication labels, you want to make sure they portray the information you are required according to OSHA. Check out their website to make sure you have the information needed for your hazard communication labels. Including all the information OSHA requires will keep you, as an employer, safe from legal consequences if an individual does get harmed by a hazardous component of the workplace. So, it’s very important to look at the requirements and be sure you’re aware of all that’s needed for your hazard communication labels.

Ready to Order Your Hazard Communication Labels?

If you have any questions about what your hazard communication labels should include or how they should look, the experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! We’ve been creating these types of labels and many others for over 35 years. So, we’re aware of OSHA’s requirements and what they expect hazard communication labels to look like. Find out more about our company on our website and ask for a quote today.

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