Implementing Millennial Marketing onto Custom Labeling

Millennials are the generation of individuals reaching maturity within this 21st century. As such, they are the intended marketing audience for many industries since they are a large percentage of the buying audience. Businesses are having to make sure they’re marketing their service and products in the right way to enable as many sales as possible (click here to find out how they do this in more detail) Individuals reaching adulthood are spending money they make, and marketing to this audience is proving successful for those that intend to. If you are a manufacturer or business owner whose primary audience is millennials, you may want to include millennial marketing strategies such as different techniques when marketing to students into your custom product labels to increase sales.

Millennial Marketing with Consumer Benefits

Millennials are tending to choose and purchase items that they are sure to benefit their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. How do your brand, label, and packaging portray the benefits of your product over that of another? Before deciding on labeling, do your research on competitor brands and products to find out how they are offering additional benefits to the consumer. This includes information portrayed on the label. Millennials care about the benefits of a product they are going to buy, so they also care about negative factors of a product. To gain the trust of the millennial audience, be transparent on your labeling information. List ingredients, methods of development, and brand information to gain the trust and loyalty of your millennial audience, and they will come back for more!

Millennial Marketing with Earthly Benefits

Buyer reports are showing that millennials are spending their money on brands that do something for the benefit of our planet. Social issues are a huge part of a millennial’s life, thoughts, and everyday activities. Since their minds are always directed toward these causes, they expect the money they shovel out on groceries or other products to also be directed toward the same causes. Therefore, be sure to market your product online highlighting how it supports certain causes. For example, if you own an eco-friendly laundry detergent brand, have a marketing strategy plan that implements the relevant keywords. You can hire experienced SEO agencies like SERP Co ( that can scale a content marketing strategy incorporating these causes. The millennial market is more likely to spend a bit more money on a product that stands behind one of their beliefs than settle for a cheaper brand that stands for nothing. Whether it be donating to nonprofits, utilizing recyclable packaging, or simply stating that you do not test your product on animals, find an earthly cause that your brand can stand behind and integrate it into your branding and labeling to increase your millennial marketing efforts. Once done you could then look into your marketing insights software (like this version Singular has developed as an example) to view how the marketing efforts have been received by your intended audience, as well as the unintended.

What is most surprising about millennial buying trends is the fact that they care and are aware of company policies. They do their research about brands before buying. Millennials are more prone to buying and staying loyal to a company that takes care if its employees, contributes time and energy to benefiting their community, and has high product development standards. Although it is hard to include these types of benefits onto product labeling, you can start by brainstorming how your brand can contribute to society, as a millennial would expect. After all, millennials aren’t really purchasing because of how a label looks, they are buying based on their own standards and beliefs!

Millennial Marketing with Custom Labels

Looking for a way to implement millennial marketing trends within your product label? Blue Ribbon Tag and Labeling has been developing beautiful, custom, and affordable product labels and tags for many industries for over 30 years! Ready for a quote? Give us a call today at (954) 922-9292 or visit ourwebsite!

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