For cosmetic label printing, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label works as a team with the clients, customer service, and designers to create an appealing and attractive label that will fit the productions descriptions. Our team has created countless designs that make the product stand out on the store shelves.

Custom Cosmetic Labels for All Products

The cosmetic industry offers products of all kinds. And, we can help come up with a label solution for most or even all of the kinds of products in the cosmetic industry including:

  • Soap labels
  • Hair product labels
  • Oral hygiene labels
  • Shower wash labels
  • Deodorant labels
  • Makeup labels
  • Lotion labels
  • Perfume labels
  • And much more

Whatever your product, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help you come up with both the design and development of custom labels which meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

Enhance The Beauty

Cosmetic products aim at enhancing one’s beauty. So, why not have a label that enhances the products beauty as well? We have designed and created labels for many different types of cosmetics with all types of uses. And, all of them have their own personalized touch. We are able to create a design that will create an appeal to the customers and make the product stand out on the shelf. With the thousands of cosmetic products out on the market, how is your product standing out from the rest? Some of the personalizations we offer for cosmetic label design include:

  • Color matching to incorporate business branding.
  • Embossing which can highlight logos or other specific aspects of a logo.
  • Custom cutting and shaping to allow for any size or shape of product packaging.
  • Extended text available to allow for federally regulated product information or whatever other information you wish to display without losing label space.

Protection from Elements and Long-term Use

A custom label should be able to withstand the conditions the product will be put in. For cosmetics that will be in the shower and other products like sunscreen, the label has to be able to stay on in wet and humid environments. We use waterproof and quality material so the label and product stay in good condition without bleeding through or easily fading. And, we offer laminations and varnishes which offer further protection for products which have long lifespans and get lots of use. You don’t want your customer to lose their label while they’re still using your product! Choosing custom labels allows you to feel confident that your product displays a label which will last the life of your product.

The Custom Cosmetic Label Printing Process

Don’t know what you want or need as far as cosmetic labels? Our team of designers and developers can help you establish a game plan for your labels so that you’re confident in your label’s functionality, displayed information, and design. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you expect from your cosmetic labels, we can work with you one-on-one to come up with your vision and meet all of your needs and wants. Ready to see what Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can do for your cosmetic business? Give us a call today to get a free quote for custom, quality, beautiful cosmetic labels!

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