What to Consider before Ordering Custom Cosmetic Labels

You have a new makeup, hair, or skin product that you are excited about, but do you have the label you need to attract new customers? Cosmetic labels are subjected to a number of situations that other labels may not be. Also, contrary to food labels and other temporary products, cosmetic labels have to last the life of the product which may outlast many other household items. If you are considering custom cosmetic labels, there are a few things you should be considering before making your investment final. Without considering each of these steps in the process, your label investment may be wasted due to reordering new labels.

Labeling Regulations Developed by the FDA

According to the specific product, there may be information which the government requires you include on your custom cosmetic labels. The Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA, is in charge of making sure cosmetic labels provide the information that potential customers need before making a decision to buy a product. According to the FDA, custom cosmetic labels should include an informative name according to product use, manufacturer/distributor address, useful information about products used in developing the item, warnings, and a list of ingredients. Remember, your ingredient list should be listed from ingredient most used in the production of the product to least used. If your label is considered not to have the required information by the FDA, your product may be deemed misbranded and you will not be able to put it up for sale. Misbranded labels include those who provide false information, don’t provide the information required by the FDA, are not displayed correctly, or provides information which may be misleading to potential customers.

Choosing Materials for your Custom Cosmetic Labels

One of the most important steps in creating your custom cosmetic labels will be choosing the materials you want to be utilized in the creation of your labels. There are a few different types to choose from, according to the life of the product and what the product needs to perform well. Obviously, the material you choose will have to not only last throughout the life of the product, but abuse throughout its lifetime too due to water exposure and frequent handling. If you aren’t sure which material to choose for your custom cosmetic labels, we can help you determine which material will best match what your product needs to do and how you want your finished product to look.

Choosing Lamination to Protect your Labels

Because cosmetic labels may be exposed to heavy use and water, they need some type of protection. Lamination is the protection that most cosmetic labels utilize. Not only does laminate help to protect labels against wear and water, but they offer help in making these labels look smooth and finished. Laminate will make sure that your label ink doesn’t run, and that your labels will last the lifetime of your product! There are a few different variations and styles of laminations, and we can help you determine the solution that is best for you and your product’s needs.

Yes, you could decide to make your own labels on a label printer, but that will cost you much time and energy. Instead of going at it alone, decide to have your labels made custom by a professional label manufacturer like Blue Ribbon Tag and Label. Not only do we know how to make clear, beautiful, authentic labels which will wow your customers and make your label stand out from competitors’ products, we know how to make custom cosmetic labels which include all the information you need to stay within FDA standards. Getting your custom cosmetic labels shouldn’t be a hassle, and with us, it isn’t! To view some of our products and see some examples of some of the custom cosmetic labels we have made for business owners like you, visit our website!


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