Pharmaceutical Nutraceutical labels have to be the most precise and professional. Our team makes sure the labels for pharmaceuticals and vitamins are accurate and printed to exact specifications. We work with our clients to provide the right communication on the design and type of appeal for pharmaceutical labels. Whether you have no idea what you need or want or have a complete vision for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical labels, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help!

Pharmaceutical Labels

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is a government organization that makes sure both food and drugs are being regulated. Part of this regulation is including information for consumers so they know how to administer medications, health risks, ingredients, and other needed information. Additionally, there are other packaging requirements such as permanent or removable health adhesives. Knowing what you’ll need to include on pharmaceutical labels is crucial. You don’t want to be contacted by the FDA and told that all of your products need to be taken off the market due to missing information. Blue Ribbon Label is able to meet any and all of the requirements your pharmaceutical labels need. Throughout our years of business, we have created a large number of pharmaceutical labels, so we are familiar with the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. Even if you don’t know what you’ll need to include, we can help you come up with the accurate and mandatory information needed. Be confident in your label investment by going with Blue Ribbon Tag and Label!

Nutraceutical Labels

A combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical creates the word nutraceutical. These products are usually dietary supplements with health benefits. Labels for these types of products need a holistic and natural appeal. Also, they need to include helpful information which offers transparency to build trust in your brand and company. Finally, they need to incorporate a design that located specific audiences who utilize them. We have done many different nutraceutical labels so we are familiar with its competition and the type of design that is desired. Using custom label design for your nutraceutical labels will ensure that your labels don’t just provide the name and use of your product, but provide a lasting first impression to consumers! Don’t leave your nutraceutical label design to amateurs. Let us help you get the unique, beautiful label design your helpful product deserves!

Custom Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Labels

Do you have a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product that needs a label? You could print your own or have a stock company provide you with labels that look just like all the others. Or, you could use labeling as a reason to further market your product and stand out amongst your competitor’s products. When you choose a custom label company like Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, you open up limitless possibilities in terms of materials, graphics, adhesives, colors, fonts, and more! Whatever you can dream of in terms of label design, we can come up with it! To speak to an experienced staff member about your ideas for a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical custom label, give us a call today at (954) 922-9292.

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