Designing and Developing Custom Pharmaceutical Labels

Pharmaceutical labels require special attention to detail as they need to display specific information according to their use. Does your company need the services of a custom labeling company that understands the pharmaceutical industry’s standards and regulations for product display? Blue Ribbon Tag and Label has been designing and developing custom product labels for a number of industries for over 30 years, including the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

A Label Customers can Trust

Providing a custom label to fit your pharmaceutical products offers a specific and transparent message right from the start of the consumer process. You want to display your medication or vitamins in a way that potential buyers will be comfortable with at first glance. Building this trust starts with a beautiful label design concept, informative text, and high-quality labeling substances.

Custom Designed Pharmaceutical Labels

Have a concept for a custom pharmaceutical label in mind? The design team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation has been offering individualized designs for labels of the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Have a specific look and feel that you want to go for? How about a logo or graphic design concept? All can be implemented on your custom pharmaceutical labels to accomplish the perfect look you are hoping to achieve. Our flexographic printing press allows for timely development with the easy printing of large orders, so if you are on a tight schedule, we can accommodate by making the printing process faster than it ever has been. Digital printing also allows for the application of numerous colors while also offering beautiful display through the most innovative technology available. Last but not least, you can rest assured that your pharmaceutical labels will offer a modern and striking design at a price that you can afford.

Labels that Offer Transparency

You offer a product that helps better the lives of individuals. Providing information on ingredients and manufacturing allows potential buyers to see this all and trust your product they require to live a better life. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation is more than familiar with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for product labeling. We know what is required of your labels so that you don’t run into any problems further down the road. Additionally, if you manufacture a product that requires specific labeling, you can choose between removable and permanent adhesive options for the needs of your customer base. Want to display more information than the size of your product can portray? Expanded label solutions allow your labels to offer additional information by way of excess material that unravels from the original packaging. Whatever information you need or wish to display on your pharmaceutical labels, Blue Ribbon can come up with a solution to do so.

High-Quality Labeling Solutions

Want a specific look, material, adhesive, application, finish, or graphic? Whatever you envision, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation can make it happen. We only use the most high-quality solutions when developing any custom label to be sure that each project satisfies not only customers looking to buy, but our business clients. Some examples of pharmaceutical labeling solutions we help with include:

  • Over the counter medication labels
  • Vitamin and supplement labels
  • Medical technology labels
  • Medicinal treatment device labels
  • Prescription medication bottle labels
  • Emergency treatment medical labels

Labeling from Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation

Ready to get started with the process of designing and developing your very own custom pharmaceutical labels? Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation is ready, willing, and able to get you to the final stages of getting your product ready for sales! Call us today to get more information on our products and services and get a free quote at (954) 922-9292.


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