Veterinary labels often need customization, so custom-made labels may be the best solution. Whatever you need for your veterinary practice, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can come up with the solution best for your company. We work with you to come up with a custom label that meets your every expectation!

Veterinary Animal Identification Labels

When pets are under care at a veterinary clinic or hospital, they will need identification tags or stickers to keep information close at hand. Identification labels can keep track of an animal’s name, weight, age, sex, medical condition, medical history, admission date, and identification number. Our pet identification labels can include space for whatever you’d like! With an organized and proper pet identification system, your vet clinic or hospital is sure to run smoother!

Veterinary Medication Labels

It’s important to label medicine for pets as needed. This way, whoever is caring for the pet at the time knows when and how much of the medication to administer. Whether you need blank or custom medication labels for your veterinary practice, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help!

Pet Labels for Specific Diets

Just as a human’s health is affected by diet, so is a pet’s. One of the most common problems amongst pets is weight and proper nutrition. And, as a vet, it’s your job to point out these common health issues and provide a dietary solution. Specific diet labels can help you and your staff identifies easily which animals need alternative diets to help with health issues. This way, every pet is given the nutrition needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pet Caution Labels

When we think of pets, we may picture fluffy bunnies or bouncing poodle puppies. But, some pets are naturally dangerous like venomous snakes. Other pets are aggressive due to health issues or the unfamiliar environment of a vet’s office. Either way, your staff should always be aware of the dangerous pets in your practice so that no accidents occur and both humans and animals remain safe. Pet caution labels can help to identify dangerous or aggressive pets and are a great addition to useful veterinary materials!

Label Odor-Enz

Pet products can offer some odd or even ugly smells to us, humans. Odor-Enz labels are specifically designed to cover up the bad pet smells that would be associated with a product. They are printed on paper with film laminate which helps to block smells. Whether you have animal food, vitamins, treats, or otherwise, you can be sure that your labels will keep the smell inside your packaging for a more confident buyer!

Custom Veterinary and Pet Food Labels

Do you have a need for any of the labels mentioned above? Whether you need these or have an idea of your own for labels you can use in your veterinary practice, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! Keep your veterinary office or hospital organized and prepared with vet labels! Ready for a quote? Give us a call at (954) 922-9292 to speak with an experienced label representative today!

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