Requirements for Pet Food Custom Product Labels

Labeling of pet food is very important so that customers are aware of exactly what they are purchasing for their pet to ingest. Knowing what pet food to purchase for your dog or cat can often be difficult, especially if they are fussy eaters. Dr Martys pets has provided a guide as to how your feeding choices for your pets can affect their health, and it may be worth checking out if you are unsure about how healthy your pet’s diet is. To help pet food companies prepare custom product labels, The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has created guidelines on requirements for all pet food labels. The AAFCO does not regulate, approve, or endorse pet food labels since each state’s legal requirements are different. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation has been providing labels for the pet industry for over 30 years and can provide a label for your company that is attractive, durable, and of the highest quality.

8 Mandatory Requirements for Pet Food Labels

Product name and brand: This requirement was to address a product mentioned in a pet food name. The ability to add a certain product within the name depends on how much of that ingredient is used in the production of that food. For example, the ruling is different for “salmon flavored cat food” and “salmon cat food”.

Species of animal pet food is intended for: The fundamental display panel or product name must include species of animal that pet food is intended for. It’s important to buy the correct food for your pet. You may want to know ‘ is cat food bad for dogs ‘ so you should do some research to ensure you don’t feed your animal the wrong food.

Proclamation of Quantity: Pet food custom label must include the quantity of an item. This means that the net weight must be evident in pounds and ounces. Net weight should be identified on the lower third of the fundamental display panel.

Nutrient guarantee: Certain nutrients must be identified by percentage of inclusion on pet food custom product labels. These mandatory nutrient percentages include protein, fat, fiber, and moisture. Other nutrients may be included at your own discretion and there also may be other nutrient percentages required from state to state.

Proclamation of ingredients: Ingredients must be listed in order of most to least used in the making of the food by weight. All ingredients must be approved as safe to use in pet food by the AAFCO. All ingredients must be listed by their correct name approved by the AAFCO.

Nutritional use proclamation: This is a statement that provides the nutritional value to the specific species the pet food is intended for. For example, if the food helps balance nutrition in indoor cats, it must be identified on the fundamental display panel of the custom product label.

Directions for feeding procedure: The amount of food based on the weight of pet must be identified on product packaging. Additionally, a number of feedings throughout the day must also be identified.

Manufacturer/distributor name and address: The manufacturer or distributor of the pet food must include their name and address on the pet food custom product label or packaging.

Choosing Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation for your Pet Food Custom Product Labels

If you have your list of requirements ready for your new pet food label custom product labels, choosing Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation will give you the best options available. We offer labels that can withstand various elements. We also use the highest digital quality printing services and offer many different techniques and finishes to give your label the custom design you desire. If you have any questions on our product labels or services, please reach out to us on our website.

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