What are My Options for Custom Lip Balm Labels?

Everyone loves a good tube of lip balm. With a variety of flavors and the obvious benefit of moisturized lips, what’s not to love? But, choosing the right labeling for this type of product may have you wondering where to turn next. You might be looking for lip balm labels for a number of reasons. Whether you are selling lip balm from your own makeup company or giving away free lip balm as a way to market your branding, there are a few different options when it comes to lip balm labels.

Why Custom Lip Balm Labels?

Thousands of business owners choose to develop and provide lip balm to customers and clients every year. That’s because they are a great marketing tool. Think about it–lip balm is completely portable. It’s small and sleek enough to slip into pockets and be easily taken to anywhere in the world. With your branding onto lip balms, your brand has the potential to reach wherever your past clients take them.

Digital Printing for Lip Balm Labels

With our modern, innovative printing press, business owners can quickly get beautiful and personalized lip balm labels. Plus, using digital printing means the ability to portray any color or imaging desired. So, if you have a logo that includes detailed graphics or unique coloring, we can help to include these characteristics into your custom labels.

Applying Lip Balm Labels to Packaging

Lip balm labels are usually in a rectangle shape. However, they can also be ordered as wrap-around labels. Or, as oval or even other shapes. Typically, lip balm labels are printed onto sheets. But, they can also be printed onto rolls. Either way, the result is an easily applicable BOPP material sticker solution. BOPP is the optimal material for these types of labels. That’s because it’s durable and versatile. It can offer the use of holographic imaging and support any color available from our digital press. Once your labels arrive, just simply apply them to your lip balm packaging. Then, you’ll be ready to give them out or sell them!

Need Custom Labels?

If you are looking for more than the average lip balm label and you wish to put your own personal spin on your marketing material or product, you’ll need custom labels! Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we can help you come up with not only labels but the design for your labels as well! For example, if you have an idea, our design team has expertise in taking ideas and giving them life! And, over 30 years of experience in designing and developing custom label solutions exactly how our clients want. Instead of dealing with the hassle of coming up with a label solution on your own, let the professionals step in and give you a hand.

Ready to see what we can do for your lip balm product? Contact us today to get a quote over the internet or call us at (954) 922-9292 to speak to our team about your design concept!

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