Security Labels are necessary to prevent tampering, offer warnings, and secure authentication. They are needed and used for a number of industries. If your product needs a security label, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label offers a number of different materials and options for developing your very own.

Keep Track with Asset Sticker Labels

For organizations with many employees and the use of expensive machinery or equipment, asset labels are a great way to keep track of daily doings. Schools, hospitals, and kitchens can use these labels as a way to track equipment inventory by way of barcode system and mark possession. These labels are offered in a number of styles, shapes, materials, colors, and varnishes. This way, whatever industry you need asset sticker labels for, they will be able to last throughout the lifetime of your equipment and offer information for years to come. Additionally, for asset sticker labels meant to prevent theft, other options are available. These labels will prevent alterations and indicate when there is tampering involved. This is because we can utilize an ultra-sticky adhesive which is almost impossible to remove without some kind of damage or leftover residue. This prevents the resale of stolen items and provides information about true ownership when lost or stolen equipment is found.

Tamper-Proof Labels for Ultimate Protection

For products that should not be counterfeit or tampered before sales like pharmaceuticals, veterinary medications, IDs, concealed documents, food, and more, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label designs labels that have built-in anti-counterfeit protection. These labels are designed to tear, rip, or break if a product is tampered with before it is meant to. This way, consumers are aware that products have been tampered with before sale. And, do not purchase an item that may otherwise be dangerous to handle or consume.

Tamper-proof labels are also commonly utilized throughout technological industries as computers, cell phones, and other tech equipment may be at a higher risk for theft and disassembly. Labels that break when these types of equipment are disassembled reduce the chance for these materials to be resold to legal buyers.

Holographic Security Labels

How do potential buyers know that your product is authentic? Holographic labels are a seal of authentication which will allow potential consumers to understand that the product they are considering is what they’re looking for. In turn, holographic labels are a great method of reducing the risk for counterfeit of your product. Because of their holographic material and the ability to implement corporate branding, they are almost impossible to duplicate perfectly. And, because holographic labels are usually intended to prevent counterfeit, reputable labeling companies will likely decline to attempt replication. All in all, holographic labels are an effective, cost-efficient way to establish permanent ownership of the rights to your products.

Custom Design for Security Labels

If you need tamper-proof or holographic security labels, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! We have over 30 years of experience helping small and large businesses with different types of security labels. So, we know why you need them and what they need to include. Whether you have a vision for security labels or you have no idea what you need when it comes to labels, we can help you determine a solution best for you, your product, and your business! Ready for a quote? Contact us today!

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