Consumers Are Turning Heads For Metallic Labels

You may have an overdeveloped business plan and a great product, but if your product label does not have the appeal it requires to grab a customer’s attention immediately, your business is likely not to flourish. Whatever industry you are involved in, label design is imperative to gaining needed attention from potential consumers. Present trends in label design show that metallic labels have an appeal to current customer selection. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation incorporates substrates used in metallic labels so that our customers have the option to create shiny and eye catching labels for their products.

Designing Labels with Metallic Substrate

To get your labels to be identified quickly and stand out amongst the competitor’s product, you need to implement a design strategy. Many of our customers decide that using a metallic substrate on their product labels provides the look they want. This substrate can be associated with the shine that an aluminum material would give. In fact, metallic labels are 2 times brighter than average labels, making it easily identified by customers even at further distances. This metallic look is eye catching and modern looking, providing a classic and noticeable look.

The metallic substrate is printed on top of ink to provide an overlapping shiny appearance where applied. This means that colors placed before a metallic substrate is introduced will change after the application. Brighter colors will change appearance, for example, yellow will show as gold after the substrate is applied. Since there is a color shift, a white substrate must be used in addition to the metallic so that colors are not affected and the end result of the custom label is as desired. This white substrate can be used as desired and applied to only certain areas to create different approaches.

Choosing Blue Ribbon for your Metallic Labels

If you are considering adding metallic labels to your custom labels, the design staff at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation can help come up with an eye-catching design that will help boost product sales. Along with metallic labels, we offer a wide array of styles, materials, fonts, colors, designs, and development options. We have been coming up with labels for business both big and small, keeping in tune with current trends, for over 30 years. We help business owners and product developers incorporate their own visions for their labels so that their dreams can be made a reality. Additionally, we can help come up with designs if you do not know where to start with the development of your new labels. If you wish to learn more about our products and services, please visit our website or call us at (954) 922-9292.


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