The Psychology of Consumer Loyalty

No matter how excellent a product is, if it isn’t marketed well, it won’t turn much of a profit for the owner. That’s why consumer loyalty is so important to businesses. Building a base of loyal customers who routinely choose your product over all competitors’ options is a surefire way to guarantee the success of your business. How does one go about building this level of consumer loyalty? Do they use a loyalty agency or try and figure it out on their own? Well, having a superior quality product certainly helps. But before people try your product, the very first thing they will notice is the label and packaging. If it doesn’t draw them in, then customers will never have a chance to try your product and decide to regularly purchase it. That’s why understanding what your customers are attracted to is important. Consumer loyalty can be developed through the use of attractive and effective labels. A positive experience with customer service can really make a customer feel as if they are valued and may encourage their continued patronage; this is as easy as implementing something like help desk software.

The Psychology of Consumer Loyalty

If you turn on the TV, you may notice that many toys and food products are marketed directly to children. That may seem strange since their parents are the ones with jobs. Children are unlikely to be able to afford these products, so why are they marketed to kids rather than their parents? That’s because of “brand loyalty.” Studies have found that the earlier someone chooses a brand of a product, the more likely they are to stick with buying that product throughout their adult life. If you choose something you enjoy as a child, you will likely continue to purchase that product for years! This means that attracting the consumer’s eye is important because a customer who selects your product first will likely return to purchase it throughout their lifetime.

Consumer Loyalty Through Labels

Packaging is one of the main components of successful marketing. Labels are what initially draw the customer towards certain products on the shelf. Making a label that captures customers’ attention involves several different elements:

  • Font

Choose a font that is easy to read, but interesting. Plain, boring fonts run the risk of having your product passed over for a more exciting presentation, but fonts that are too complex and intricate can be unreadable when printed onto a space-limited label.

  • Color

Use colors that match what you are selling. For candy and toys, bright colors work because they indicate fun and joy, while labels for pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products may need to be a bit more muted, depending on the specific item you are labeling.

  • Size

Fitting in all the important information on a label is important, especially if your label needs to comply with FDA regulations, but you want to be careful not to overwhelm the customer with information. Include what’s necessary to inform and interest the customer, but don’t overdo it.

  • Consistency

People choose brands because they know that every time they purchase that product, they can count on satisfaction. Make sure that once you settle on a label design, you stick with it. It may be tempting to change the design and update it based on the latest trends, but consumers become familiar with packaging and labels and often look for these cues when shopping. Changing it too much could cause customers to miss your product among all the other items on the shelf.

Consumer Loyalty and Blue Ribbon Tag and Label

At Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation, we understand the importance of customer service and satisfaction. We have been in the business of manufacturing high-quality labels since 1980, and we take pride in the fact that we have never missed a deadline. When you are selecting labels for your small or large business, we know that you are looking to create a brand that customers recognize and trust and that they want to invest in over and over again. Our team of artists is dedicated to designing the most attractive, marketable labels for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary products. From design to production, we guarantee that we create durable, appealing labels that will give your product the extra boost it needs to catch the eye of every potential customer. If you want to start fostering brand loyalty and create an unforgettable product, call us today at 954-922-9292, or get a quote on your label order.

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