Questions to Consider before Ordering Custom Made Labels

If you need custom labels for a new or redesigned product, you may have some ideas you want to implement in design. But, you’re likely to need some further direction. So, what are the questions you should be asking about the design and development of your custom made labels?

What Kind of Material do You need for Your Custom Made Labels?

First and foremost, you’ll need to decide on a specific material for your labels. This material is what will hold the ink which displays your logo, graphics, and product information. There are many types of label materials to choose from, so this is an important question to ask! Your label material will be selected based on the use of your product, it’s shelf life, and your vision for the label.

How Do You Want Your Custom Made Labels Printed? Before ordering labels, you’ll need to determine which type of printer they’ll be developed with. You have the choice between flexographic and digital printing. There are pros and cons of each type of printer. So, it’s best to know the specifics of your order before you choose the printing style. Flexographic printing is best for larger orders because a flexible plastic plate will be developed and reused for future orders. But, for smaller orders, digital printing will suit your needs. Find out more about the differences in printers in our blog.

What is the Size Label you Need?

Before you can order, one of the most important things you’ll be asked or required to know is the size of the custom made labels you need. Before this can be determined, you’ll have to already have the packaging selected for your products. This will help you to determine a size which will work best with placement onto your product packaging.

What Kind of Environment Will Your Labels be Stored In?

Choosing materials and inks is a big part of the development of your labels. But, you want to make sure that materials and ink on your labels will look just as good as they did upon printing as they do in the store for sale. So, an important question to ask yourself before ordering is what they’ll be put through before they get to the market for sale. If your labels will be stored outside, in a freezer, or any damp environment, specific materials and varnishes can be determined to protect them.

How Many Labels Do You Need to Order?

This question may seem obvious, but it sometimes slips the mind of people who order custom-made labels. The number of labels you’ll need will help you to determine a shipment order. And, knowing this number helps to better other decisions you may need to make the label making process.

Will My Packaging Affect My Labels?

Another thing to consider before ordering custom made labels is the product packaging. Along with size, you’ll need to know what material the packaging is. Whether it’s plastic, glass, or what-have-you, this may help to determine the right adhesive and material to use. And, knowing more about your product packaging will help you determine the right color coordination, style, and shape of the label to decide upon.

Once You Have These Questions Answered, Get Your Custom Made Labels! If you’re ready to move forward with the label ordering process, our staff at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help assist you with any other questions you may need to be answered. Give us a call today to tell us about your upcoming label project today and get a free quote!

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