Reaching Your Targeted Consumer

When you come up with a product, you usually have a specific audience in mind. Gender, age group, lifestyle, ethnicity, geographic location, financial status, and many other elements play a huge role in identifying your target audience. Sometimes, it’s easy to look at a shelf and identify products that are geared specifically towards female or male consumers, children, teenagers, and so forth. Other times, it’s not so clear. It is important for producers to know who their targeted consumer is and have a working knowledge of what gets the attention of their consumer market.

Marketing Children’s Products

Let’s face it. Most kids are energetic and get bored easily. If a product is made in hopes that kids will beg their parents to buy it, make sure your label catches their bright eyes. Kids are not just interested in toys. They like fun foods and drinks. And, contrary to what some believe, kids are quite interested in hygiene products. As long as the toothpaste tube or bottle of bubble bath seems like it’s bursting with good times, you can count on the kids to want it. And you can count on their parents to buy it.

The Teens: What They Want to See

Teenagers can be a very difficult group to reach with a product. But one way to keep them involved is to simply realize that most youths are different than their parents. Parents sometimes take much longer in stores than their kids. They often walk in to purchase one item but end up browsing the shelves. Younger generations usually prefer to go to the store, find exactly what they are looking for, make their purchase, and leave. These very quick and simple movements mean that producers need to target teen shoppers before they make it to the store. Having an online presence, like social media, and making use of things like the many video tools online to create visual content, is a great way to get teens engaged in your product and will have them going to the shelves to find your product, whether it’s cosmetics, food products, or drinks.

Marketing to Women

Firstly, it’s important to realize that generalizations are a “no-no” for successful marketing. Don’t assume that women will buy a product because it’s pink or pretty. Women tend to buy things they feel will make their lives easier. It’s not because of laziness; it’s simply because women, like most everyone, seek efficiency. Your product might be makeup, laundry detergent, or headache relief medication. Whatever it is, know that your targeted consumer wants to buy the best product for the best price. Your product needs to stand out so try not to be too much like other “girly” products.

Marketing to Men

It’s believed that women are more likely to browse the aisles than men. With this idea in mind, you’ll need to assure them that your brand is something they really want. Also, like the advice for marketing to women, avoid generalizations when marketing to men. Just because the product looks “manly” doesn’t mean that men will rush to buy it. Appearance has a lot to do with it, but don’t overthink it. Also, try to show men why they need to buy what you’re offering them. Appeal to their reasoning.

Marketing to Seniors

The senior age group, which usually includes adults somewhere between 55 or 60 years old and up, is one that producers need to think a little harder about. People in this age group are consumers who want to know why a product is helpful to them. Your label or logo should say what it is, what it does or how it helps, and why the consumer should buy it. Try to make the product personal and market it in such a way that will give the senior consumer a reason to trust you.

We Can Help Reach Your Targeted Consumer

Marketing isn’t always easy and there’s no perfect formula for it. But these tips are a great place to start! And, once you have selected the best way to market your target audience, let Blue Ribbon Tag & Label print your perfectly designed product labels. Get a free quote or contact us at (954) 922-9292.

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