Dos and Don’ts of the Rebranding Process of your Company

What is Rebranding?

Your brand is how your customers identify your company. Branding is essentially using images and advertising with an overall theme to give your customers a way to pick you from all of your competitors. Often this involves using signage from LF Sign Group to help your company become as identifiable as possible. Because branding is how customers identify your company and products, it can be a driving factor in why customers remain loyal to purchasing your goods or services. For some businesses, it may seem appealing to change outdated branding to compete with other brands and gain a larger loyal customer following. Although it may seem like a good idea to change branding through your custom printed labels, there is a potential that it could hurt your overall company image if not done correctly. Before considering a rebranding process, be prepared to consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Why is it so important that you rebrand your company image? Would it hurt your business to leave branding the way it is currently? Are you considering rebranding because your customers are buying from a competitor instead of your company? Is it because your customer base is demanding more from your products? If it’s not completely necessary to rebrand, it may be in your best interest to stick with the branding that your loyal customer base knows and loves. If you find that it is necessary, without knowing exactly why you wish to rebrand, you won’t know which way your new branding should go. Determine exactly why you wish to rebrand so that you can incorporate that idea into the new design of your custom printed labels and other branding related services. If you need help with any part of the rebranding process, you could speak to the team at Cefar in Leeds, who are experts on branding and web design. Getting the help of a professional will help you to make the decisions, such as why you wish to rebrand and the most effective way of doing so.

Using the Rebranding Process to Improve Products and Services

A rebranding process may be a good idea if you are wishing to change other aspects of your business as well as just your brand identity. Do you have negative reviews online or through other media sources? Contemplate what your customers are saying to you in their product testimonials and reviews. While you are reshaping the image of your company through rebranding, it is an optimal time to make these upgrades as well and report them through your new branding, be it online via Victorious or offline via other means. This way, when you introduce your new brand, you can introduce improvements to your products and services as well, likely boosting the approval of your already loyal customer base. Selling merchandise like branded golf umbrellas could be a good way to spread your new brand, this is because it is something that people could use throughout the year and therefore, constantly gets audiences to see your promotional products.

Remain Genuine to your Customers and Company

What will your repeat customers think if you completely redesign and change your branding? They are likely to think there was a problem with previous products or services which evoked the change. It is a red flag to redesign the entire concept of your company branding because people are more likely to shy away from change than embrace it. Consider this as you rebrand by making minimal changes to keep your branding from being outdated or unsuccessful. Make changes to your brand if it is essential only. A genuine change that keeps loyal customers in mind is likely to be more effective than a complete 180 on your custom printed labels.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Branding

If you decide that a rebranding process is a way that you definitely want to go, make sure that the process of discovering your new brand and how you will display it is carefully administered. Rebranding can make or break your business. Keep your desires and ideas organized as you develop a strategy for implementing your new branding. Also, enlist the power of professionals to help you get your vision off the ground. The expert graphic design team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label is more than happy to share their expertise with any company considering rebranding through custom printed labels. We are great at implementing your rebranding desires through our artwork, and can also help you with your company goals and objectives! If you would like to see examples of our branding and labeling services, please visit our website. We will make sure to work with you until you are completely happy with the design and outcome of your custom printed labels. If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, you are welcome to call us at (954) 922-9292.

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