What’s the Difference in Sticker and Label Print Services?

If you are in the market for product identification products, you may be weighing your options between sticker and label print services. You might even be wondering what the difference between the two is. The truth is that stickers and labels are basically the same product; they are just used in different ways. They are both ways of identifying a brand with text or logo by way of material constructed with adhesive on the back for placement purpose. The difference is seen in the use of the two. Labels provide information about a product or service when stickers don’t necessarily have to do so.

The History of Stickers

The invention of the sticker can be credited to numerous people and times because there were many innovations made before we had the sticker options available to us today. Many agree that the first form of stickers that developed into what we use currently dated all the way back to Egyptian times. Papers plastered to walls giving descriptions and pricing of products were found during archeological digs that resemble the use of stickers we are familiar with today. Later, in 1839, the adhesive paper we correlate modern day stickers with was invented by Sir Rowland Hill. His invention gave advancements to the postage stamp, allowing for easier placement and a stronger hold.

Uses for Stickers and Label Print Services

Getting your brand out there: Both sticker and label print services work to get your brand and logo in front of the eyes of your potential customers. For example, your logo can be printed on a sticker and used for advertising because you can place them anywhere. Alternatively they could be used to link a lifestyle into your brand, such as the eco-focused vsco girl stickers that don’t feature the app’s logo but do feature the merits of the surrounding lifestyles. Labels identify your product through branding and provide your customers with the information they need to make a decision on a purchase.

Warning your customers or employees: Stickers are perfect for warning your customers or employees about a potential threat to danger. Warning stickers can be easily peeled off and placed on almost any surface or material and can even be designed to be water and weatherproof.

Keeping track of your inventory: Sticker and label print services can help you keep track of inventory by barcodes. These helpful innovations can be scanned into a system with the pass of a scanner and eliminate the room for human error. Both barcode stickers and labels with barcodes implemented onto them can be used on your products or storage materials.

Sticker and Label Print Services: More Alike Than Different

If you are looking for sticker or label print services, you may now have a broader understanding of their differences and similarities. The biggest known difference is that stickers can be used for anything, where labels are meant for a specific task; providing necessary and useful information for clients to help in their purchase decision making.

If your business needs sticker and label print services to help boost business, get you brand name out there, or the numerous other ways that sticker and labels can be of service to you, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation would like to help. We not only provide our clients with stickers and labels that are beautiful, affordable, and durable, but we help design them too. If you would like to learn more about the products and services that we offer, please feel free to call us at (954) 922-9292.

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