Types of Materials Best for Plastic Bottle Labels

Are you developing a liquid product that’s being packaged in a plastic bottle? Or, are you rebranding your bottled products in order to boost sales and consumer interaction? If so, learning about custom plastic bottle labels can help you better understand what you’ll need to include in your design, including what types of materials are best to use. Find out more about what you’ll need to know to determine the best material for use on your plastic bottle labels.

Why Considering Label Material is Important for Plastic Bottles

Certainly, you want your product labels to stand out from the rest. And, provide accurate information about your product and brand. Your label is the first thing that a consumer is going to notice about your product packaged in a plastic bottle. However, appearance isn’t everything. Choosing the right label material means creating a label that withstands its shelf life. And, can retain its function through all it goes through; friction during product distribution, the elements, storage, display, and purchase. Surely, choosing the right type of label material is essential so that your product proudly can display its information even after the time a consumer decides to purchase it.

Some of the most commonly chosen types of materials for plastic bottle labels include:

Gloss Labels

This is the most commonly chosen type of label material for plastic bottle products. Labels using this material give off a gloss-like appearance that helps to dress up plastic bottles and showcase a brand’s imaging and product information. Both semi-gloss and white gloss paper look great on products packaged with plastic bottles and provide an improved look to the packaging. Plus, to improve the wearability of these labels, laminates can be used so that these labels not only look great but also perform well throughout their shelf lives.

Foil Labels

Foil labels on plastic bottles provide a shiny and metallic look that can go above and beyond to brighten up a product. And, provide a very specific look. So, they’re a pretty popular choice for products stored in this type of packaging. Foil labels can be used on different colors of paper to provide different looks including silver or foil film. Furthermore, you can even choose clear foil paper and have a UV coat to foil labels to make them pop in certain areas.

Film Labels

Various film materials are great for use on products that are exposed to the elements as it’s completely waterproof. Specific ones can withstand severe heat and cold. So, they are great for food and beverage items that need to be stored, shipped, or cooked in hot or cold environments. They’re a great option for plastic bottle labels because they can maintain their prime condition regardless of the elements they’ll be exposed to throughout their lifetime.

Transparent Labels

This material is a clear film that gives labels a 3D look. This typically is applied in a waterproof film. So, they’re a popular choice for plastic bottles that are for beverage products. And, for companies that want to give their plastic bottle products a unique and custom look.

Choosing Blue Ribbon for Plastic Bottle Labels

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