All About Hologram Custom Product Labels

If you are looking for a label design that provides security purposes and also looks great, hologram custom labels are the right fit for your product. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation designs beautiful high-quality holographic labels specifically purposed for security and anti-tampering.

What are Holograms?

Holograms are images made by light that is seen in 3D by the naked eye. These 3D images are perceived to have depth and perception, yet are not perfectly clear in any one setting. The hologram image seems to move and differ as the onlooker changes positioning.

History of Hologram Labels

Hologram security labels were first introduced by Herman Lopata in 1987. Lopata worked in the automotive toll industry and needed security on toll credit cards. This still fairly new technology has been adopted in many industries and countries to prevent tampering and provide security on a wide variety of products and items.

Hologram Labels and Anti-Counterfeit Protection

Hologram security material is perfect for security purpose labeling because it cannot be replicated. This is because they are made from one master hologram copy. For this reason, hologram labels are used in currency, passports, licenses, and credit cards all over the world.

Hologram Labels and Anti-tampering Protection

Security custom product labels are perfect for any product that you fear may be tampered with. These labels are extremely hard to remove. If done so, it is apparent that the label has been tampered with. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation uses either a cold stamp or hot stamp technique to attach the hologram security labels. This ensures that once set, the labels will not be going anywhere.

Selecting Hologram Security Custom Product Labels for your Company

If you like the idea of a high-security label, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation’s hologram security labels could be the perfect fit for you. We offer many different colors, designs, and varieties to choose from. If you are looking for protection against the elements or pressure, we have special materials that are weatherproof as well.

These labels won’t just give you peace of mind, they will also attract your customers. Many clients choose the hologram labels just because they like how they look and feel. They create an eye-popping appeal that is hard to look away from. For an example of our hologram security custom product labels, view our website. If you are ready to design and choose your product’s hologram security label or have questions about our products and services, call us today at 1-800-433-4974.

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