What to Know about Barcode Label Print Services

If you are a business owner trying to decide how to label a product, you may be wondering if barcode label print services are right for you. Barcodes provide multiple benefits for a business including counterfeit prevention, helping inventory software to monitor stock levels, and even the spread of helpful consumer information.

What are Barcodes?

Barcodes are a way to transmit data on a product’s packaging. These codes are images that are captured by a mechanical device that determines information that identifies the product. This technology was first used in railroads, being printed on the side of cars to provide information on what was being transported. It was not until 1974 that the first barcode was used in commercial products and became the universally known system that we use today.

How do I get a Barcode for my Product?

If you wish to have a product that contains a label that is globally recognized in the retail industry, it should be approved by GS1. This worldwide tracker of barcodes will provide your product with a 12 digit number that is assigned specifically to your product, and another number that identifies your company or brand. After you receive these numbers, your products will be recognized in the global barcode system and you are ready for barcode label print services. The UPCs(Universal Product Codes) set by GS1 cand SKUs can be confusing to new sellers. SKUs are Stock Keeping Units are assigned to each product in a seller’s inventory for tracking and inventory management purposes. For example, if you are an Amazon seller, you can either create your own customized SKU or have Amazon generate one for you. You can read the guide https://www.sunkenstone.com/blog/amazon-sku/ to know the difference between SKU and UPC.

Benefits of Barcode Label Print Services

  1. New Advancement- The most widely acknowledged barcodes are one-dimensional images with a series of vertical lines. In the past decade ,a new barcode has emerged with the ability to transmit much more information. The advancement in technology is cause for the new QR barcodes that can be read with cameras now found on smartphones. This two-dimensional barcode technology provides consumers with more information through a social internet platform. When a customer scans the barcode with their smartphone they are prompted to visit company websites, view promotions, and much more.
  2. Theft Protection- Counterfeiting is a problem in America that may never be solved. Counterfeiters are finding new ways to steal from businesses each year. One of the best protections from these counterfeit practices is barcoding. Using barcodes gives thieves a harder time duplicating your products since each code is being tracked in a global system. Additionally, barcoding ensures your customer that your product is legitimate.
  3. Inventory Organization- Manual inventory tracking is eliminated with the ease that barcoding provides. With the quick scan of a barcode, one can identify products in seconds. Without manual inventory, employment budgets and the potential for human fault are reduced. Barcode label print services are perfect for a business with multiple products, as each product will have its own number for identification.

Selecting Barcode Label Print Services

Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation has been producing barcode labels for business owners since 1980. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, performance, and customer satisfaction. We understand the need for specialty products and go out of our way to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. If you are considering choosing barcode label print services, contact Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation from our website for an estimate.

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