Common Barcode Label Scanning Issues and How to Overcome Them

Barcode labels aren’t just a way for businesses to scan items for payment processing. They’re also essential in the world of inventory management. Having products with labels allows for the scanning of items in order to keep track of inventory. It allows businesses to understand how many products are available and how many are needed to keep up with inventory expectations. So, when there’s an issue with barcode scanning on a barcode label, there’s an issue with the process of business operations. Fortunately, addressing some of the common barcode scanning issues can help business owners and operators to understand how to fix these issues before they become an even bigger problem.

So, what are some of the common problems with barcode scanners and labels, and what are their solutions?

Marks or Graphics in the Quiet Space of Barcode Labels

There can be scanning issues if there is any text, graphics, or marks on the quiet space of a barcode. A barcode is made up of black and white space, and a scanner reads these spaces to identify the label and product that’s associated with that label. So, it’s important to leave the white space blank and not have anything that could hinder the scanner from reading it.

Scanner Positioning

Sometimes, even barcode labels that have nothing wrong with them are unreadable. This can happen with issues with scanning positions. It’s important to find the best position for your specific type of scanner to read labels effectively. This may differ with different types of scanner brands or instruments.

Uneven Ink Distribution

Another reason that a scanner may not pick up a barcode is that the printing process didn’t allow for the even distribution of ink. This can make it difficult for a scanner to read the label. It’s important to have barcode labels printed with consistency so each of the barcodes used are easily scannable without issue.

Not Enough Contrast

As barcode scanners pick up the black and white space on barcode labels, it’s imperative that barcode labels have enough contrast. This means that the black should be dark and the white should be white. There shouldn’t be variations in contrast and all barcodes should have enough contrast for the scanners to pick up easily.

Damage to the Barcode

If barcode labels are damaged during transit, storage, or printing, they may not read on a scanner. This is why it’s important to have barcode labels printed on quality materials. And, invest in the right type of printing process and adhesive. This way, barcode labels will hold up throughout their shelf life and there are no issues with scanning when they’re are needed to be scanned.

Investing in the Right Custom Barcode Label Printer

The one way to ensure that you get barcode labels that are high quality, will last throughout the inventory and selling process, and are not readily destructible is to invest in a printer that knows the importance of these elements when it comes to printing barcode labels. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is a custom label printer that understands the ins and outs of a quality and effective barcode label. We create and distribute barcode labels for all types of industries and products. Learn more about how we can help develop barcode labels for your business today.

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