A Few Things You Might Need to Know About Label Materials

Have you just finished working on your label design? The next thing you’re probably thinking about is methods of printing. But, when you think about how to get your labels printed, it’s good to also consider label materials. Did you know there are lots of different kinds? If not, you’re about to learn!

The Different Types of Label Materials

There are quite a few varieties of label materials. But, we’ll just discuss a few here:

BOPP: These labels are usually either white or clear. They are durable and able to work well for indoor and outdoor use. BOPP labels are water and temperature resistant. Normally, white BOPP labels are used for things like beauty products or health products. The clear version of these labels gives a “no label” appearance. They’re usually used for food or beverage products. They are also often used for beauty and health products.

Silver or Gold Foil: Labels made of this material are most likely going to be used for candies and chocolates. Some people use them for special event packaging. This is a metallic paper. Foil labels are best for indoor use, so they’re not a great choice of label materials if your product could be used or left outside. But, they do certainly give products a sophisticated look.

Semi-Gloss Paper: Labels made with this material are great for showing off bright and colorful designs. They’re best kept indoors and away from any harsh conditions. This means that they aren’t waterproof or able to last well in extreme temperatures. But, this kind of label may be the least expensive, depending on the company you choose for label printing.

Textured Paper: These types of labels aren’t coated. You can even write on them. Labels made of textured paper are really good for labeling wine bottles. Textured paper labels are also commonly used for food packaging.

When you’re contemplating the choices of label materials, it’s a good idea to look into which type of material would best suit your product. If your product is a type of sunscreen or even a beverage, consider the fact that people might be using the product outside on a really hot day. Is the material you chose durable enough for that heat? If you’ve come up with a great new beauty product, it will most likely be kept in the bathroom. If it gets wet, will the label still be legible? Try to think about all of the possibilities.

Custom Product Labels from Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we know what it takes to design a durable and appropriate label for your brand. We offer a variety of label materials. Our team understands the importance of selecting the best material for your label. Not only can we help you perfect your label design, but we can also make sure your labels get printed just the way you want them! If you need a little help getting your brand out there, contact us today!

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