How Do I Know I Chose the Right Label Adhesive For My Product?

It may be hard to sell a product if your custom label falls off before a consumer even sees it. Label adhesive is what helps your label stick to the packaging of your product. It may not be what attracts customers to your product, but it is what helps the label that will stay on your product. Selecting the right label adhesive for your custom product may not seem exhilarating, but it is extremely important to the success of your business.

Dangers of Choosing the Incorrect Adhesive for Labels

● Higher chance for poor application of labels
● Reduction of production regulations
● Higher rate of product recalls
● Rework, production, and waste of labels

Choosing Types of Label Adhesive

Choosing the type of label adhesive right for your product isn’t as easy as pointing a finger on a page. There are special characteristics to pay attention to, like the type of packaging and labeling material used in the development of your product. Also, different types of label adhesives are produced in different ways, which affect their application uses. All in all, whatever label adhesive is used should be able to withstand the elements, handling, and the life of your custom product.

Product Uses for Determining Label Adhesive

To determine which label adhesive is best for your product label, you must determine what your product will have to undergo during its lifespan. Label adhesive is determined based on:

● Printing process: dies, cutting, and stripping during printing
● Application: how the label adheres to the packaging initially
● Long-term use: how the label stays on over time
● Customer use: how the label stays on during the time the customer owns it. Do they use it in moist environments or does the product need to be stored in a freezer?

Specific Label Adhesive

Because there are so many different uses for labels, there must be different types of adhesives used in various applications. Currently, there are a variety of specific adhesives used for each type of label use. Specialty label adhesives include:

All Temperature – This label adhesive is great for labels that need to withstand all types of temperatures, both hot and cold.

Cold Temperature – Best for products that need to be stored in cold temperatures like freezer packaging.

Wet Stick – This label adhesive was developed for use in moist environments, like shampoos that are stored and used in the shower.

Removable – Some products need to have the label removed before the product can be used. Depending on packaging and length of adhesion, this label adhesive can be removed from a product.

Ultra-removable – Labels applied with this adhesive can be removed easily from most materials used in packaging and label development, even after long periods of time.

Tire – This adhesive is extra sticky, and is used on permeable objects. It is designed to not be able to be removed and to stick for extra long periods of time.

Reposition – This type of adhesive is not aggressive initially, making application mistakes ok since it can be repositioned at first. Once applied, over time, this adhesive hardens and is great for labels with a long lifespan.

Soak to Remove – Labels with this adhesive are great for indoor conditions and are designed to be removed after soaking in water.

Determining the Right Label Adhesive for Your Product

If you aren’t sure what type of adhesive you need to use for your custom product, no need to worry! The experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help you determine what type of adhesive would work best for production. Before asking us which type of adhesive would be best, ask yourself:

● What type of material is the packaging the adhesive needs to stick to?
● Is the packaging going to be in a moisturized environment?
● What temperature will your product need to be stored in?
● Does your label ever need to be repositioned during its lifespan?
● Will the custom label be exposed to handling, packaging, or application in adverse environments?

Once you know more about the life of your product label, we can better determine what adhesive is best for your label! If you have any questions about custom product label production or which label adhesive you should use, please call us so that we can address your concerns at (954) 922-9292.

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