What You Should Know About Creating Warning and Safety Labels

Getting labels for products is a part of branding that needs to be especially prioritized. There are rules and regulations regarding labels. And, this is especially true for products with certain chemicals or substances that require safety warnings. Safety labels are custom-created labels that provide information that’s required of certain products including contents, weight, and warning information. If you’re selling or distributing products that require warning or safety labels, you’ll need to know what’s required on these labels. This way, you can sell and distribute your products without a hitch and the customers that end up using your products are aware of all the details they need to know about your product.

What Types of Products Require Safety Labels?

There are a number of types of products that are required to have safety or warning labels placed on them before distribution. Some of these types of products include:

  • chemical products
  • tobacco products
  • alcohol
  • electrical products
  • hazardous materials
  • medications and pharmaceuticals
  • cleaning products
  • toys/games that have small parts that may be hazardous to small children

Knowing the types of products that need safety or warning labels can help you determine what information these labels need to showcase. And, help you prepare for the development of these labels so that there are no problems with distributing these products without any problems with regulating administrations.

Explore more about what types of products need warning and safety labels to understand if your product needs this type of label. And, what should be included on these labels to ensure they provide the correct, useful, and required information they need.

Safety and Warning Labels for Hazardous Materials

Certain types of products are considered hazardous depending on their ingredients or contents. These products can include chemicals like cleaning agents, explosives, poisons, or anything that’s flammable. It can also include products that contain elements that include hazardous materials like cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and alcohol. Different hazardous materials require labels that provide specific information depending on their contents by law. This information ensures that consumers are aware of the dangers of these products in certain environments and they are handled correctly for safety.

Labels for Specific States

Certain products are required to have labels if they are only to be sold in specific areas or states. The law that regulates these requirements for these labels is called Prop 65. It helps to keep manufactured products only sold in specific areas, and these labels are warning labels of this law.

Veterinary Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

Both human and animal medications are required to have warning labels so that consumers understand their contents and safety when it comes to use. These products include veterinary medications, nutraceuticals, over-the-counter medications, and medical-grade cannabis. Each of these categories may have specific requirements of what to include on warning and safety labels and it’s important to identify what to put on these labels before distributing.

Help With Safety and Warning Labels From Blue Ribbon

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we’ve been creating custom labels for all types of industries for decades. We can help you determine which types of labels you may need, what information you’ll need to display, and the best types of materials and adhesives for your labels. Learn more about how we can help with developing labels for your products today.

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