Tips for Custom Creating Small Business Labels for Success

Small businesses have differing needs from large businesses when it comes to nearly every aspect of business including branding and marketing. Part of branding and marketing includes creating packaging labels. However, while small and large businesses have different needs, the source of custom labels shouldn’t differ. Custom labels are a great option for both small and large businesses as custom label printers, like Blue Ribbon, offer a variety of options to suit a wide range of needs, including short runs, quick turnaround, and more aspects that keep small businesses successful. But, when it comes to custom small business labels, there are some things that small business owners can keep in mind.

Remind Yourself of Your Customer Bases’ Needs and Wants

Before you can go about designing and developing the perfect small business label, you’ll want to get associated with your customer base as much as possible. This means asking yourself questions about your most frequent customers including:

  • what benefits does my product provide to my customer base?
  • what would my customer base most likely value from my brand’s mission?
  • why would my customer base choose my product over another brand’s?
  • what do my most valuable customers care most about?

Knowing more about your customer base can help steer your messaging and branding on your small business labels to keep your customer base happy with your branding and products. And, pull in new customers that are most likely to appreciate your brand and products.

Choosing the Right Design

The design of your custom-branded labels should meet the needs and desires of your customer base. For example, if your customer base cares about environmental issues, it makes sense to use recyclable materials when creating your branded labels. Another example is if your customer base appreciates creativity, you may want to utilize creative aspects of label creation including embossing, foiling, and custom graphics. When it comes to design, the best thing you can remember is to be true to your branding values that align with your customer base.

Another tip for designing your custom labels is to be consistent with the rest of your branded marketing like your website, printed marketing materials, etc. This means carrying over fonts and colors from your logo and other marketing materials onto your product labels. This can help your customer base ensure that your products are true to your brand and associated with your business.

Getting Help With Custom Small Business Labels from Blue Ribbon

It can be overwhelming to think about where to start when it comes to developing product labels for a small business. But, with the help of a custom label printer, you have help throughout the entire process including art and pre-press, design, pre-runs, just-in-time programs, and more. With this help, you’ll have the assistance you need to ensure that all of your small business labels include not only the information they require but also offer stunning visual branding that allows them to pull in new customers and keep current customers happy.

Find out more about the label printing process and how Blue Ribbon can help with your custom small business label needs on our website.

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