The Various Types and Materials of Custom Printed Stickers

Sticker-type labels are a very common option for marketing as they’re versatile, completely customizable, and easily applicated to almost any surface. With so many different options for design, shape, and material, there can be a lot to consider when developing custom printed stickers for your business. These options include the types of custom printed stickers you can invest in and also the types of materials available for these specific types of stickers.

Types of Custom Printed Stickers

Bumper Stickers: Bumper stickers are custom-created stickers that are designed to be applied to the outside of vehicles. This gives them the ability to be showcased to everyone on the road. They can be created with material and adhesive that are made to live outside to withstand any type of element. Many businesses utilize these types of stickers to showcase their branding messaging or even their branded images. Bumper stickers are great gifts and are typically handed out at corporate or promotional events for free by companies.

The Various Types and Materials of Custom Printed StickersPromotional: Custom stickers made for promotional purposes can be customized to adhere to any surface. They can be handed out at your retail locations, your promotional events, and trade show settings. Their design is to engage with your audience and help to share the messaging and feel for your brand.

Logo: Logo stickers are stickers that are of the image of your branded logo. They can be designed to match the exact shape, color, and graphics of your original logo and can be customized in any size you’d like. These stickers can be used around your business offices, applied to walls or appliances, given to customers as gifts, and much more.

Window: Window stickers are designed with a specific material and adhesive to be applied to windows. This is a great way to promote your business label or messaging in your corporate offices or retail establishments. They are removable and easily applicable to make using them quick and easy.

Custom Sticker Materials to Consider

There are a number of different materials that can be used in the production of custom stickers for business purposes. The material you choose depends on the use of your customized stickers and where they’ll be applied. For example, if you want bumper stickers, they will have to be designed using a material that can hold up in the wind, rain, and heat. 

Some options for custom business sticker materials include:

Vinyl: Vinyl is a great option for a custom-printed sticker label as it is very durable. This means that stickers using this type of material can be applied outdoors on windows and used for custom bumper stickers. And, can even withstand all of the elements that come with being applied onto outdoor surfaces like wind, rain, and heat.

BOPP: This material is a very popular and common choice for sticker labels as it is a material that can hold up to condensation and is water-resistant. This makes it a good choice for beverage products and logo stickers that may be placed on cups, mugs, and other types of objects that may be exposed to water.

Polyester: This type of material is a great choice for custom stickers that are not removable. This is because they require a specific adhesive that allows for a permanent stick. Polyester is a material that can come in a variety of colors, which makes it more customizable. And, is completely durable as it can withstand not only the elements, but also chemicals, oils, and more.

Getting Custom Label Stickers from Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label can help you design your custom business stickers and produce your label creation. Whether you want a large order or just a few stickers, we’re here to help. We have a custom design team that can help you design your perfect labels! Find out more on our website and contact us for a free quote.

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