Perfecting Your Label Design: Logo Placement

If you’re designing a label for your product, you’ve certainly had to think about tons of elements. You’ve probably thought about the colors you want to use. You have considered the idea of using a graphic or an image. Traditional design or avant-garde? Simple and clean or colorful and fun? No doubt, all of these options and more have crossed your mind. But, have you thought about one of the most important aspects of label design: the location of your logo? It seems like a common sense issue; it’s a no-brainer, right? Maybe it is. But, just in case it’s not something you’ve thought about and you want to learn a little more about it, here are a few ideas about logo placement.

Your Logo and Your Product

Your brand is unique and your logo is original. It’s something that should be noticed. In fact, it must be noticed. A logo helps people to identify your product and allows them to recognize it without even reading much of the label. It’s how loyal customers easily spot your product on a full shelf. It’s how new buyers quickly learn what your product is and how they can utilize it. Even without any text, a logo can instantly cause consumers to differentiate your brand from anyone else’s. Think about your favorite fast-food restaurant, snack or cereal brand, coffee shop, or grocery store. You could probably quickly identify them simply because of their logos. Your logo should do the same thing for your customers.

Logo Placement: Where should it go?

It is a common perception that the position of a logo is related to the quality of the product itself. Basically, customers think “the higher the logo, the better the quality”. Of course, this is not necessarily true, at least not in every case. But, it is definitely something to think about when you’re figuring out where to place your logo on the label.

Putting your logo near the bottom of the label may make it difficult to see or read. If the logo can’t be seen without a search, most people are not going to take the time to walk closer to the shelf in order to find out what it is. They would much rather scan the aisle for a brand they recognize.

Due to the most likely subconscious and unintentional thought process of consumers, you, as the producer, should consider placing your logo closer to the top of your label. This will allow people to see the logo much sooner when they pick up your product. It may also lead customers to think more highly of the brand and pay closer attention to it. Although the logo location doesn’t automatically cause people to want to purchase your product, it could definitely help sway potential buyers towards making that purchase.

Trusting Blue Ribbon With Your Label with Logo Placement

Once you’ve figured out the best placement of your logo, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label can help you! We specialize in printing labels for chemicals, cosmetics, food products, pharmaceuticals, and more. We understand that expanding your brand is important to you and making you happy is equally important to us! We offer fast, high-quality label printing service at competitive prices and it is our goal to make sure your brand is the first thing consumers notice as they browse. We are located in Hollywood, Florida and would be glad to serve you. You can contact us at (954) 922-9292 or visit our website to get a free quote. Don’t wait; let us help you get your brand out there!

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