What You Need To Know About Designing a Pet Food Label

So, you’ve got a great new line of pet food items. You want to get them out on the shelves and into the homes of pet lovers everywhere. Now that you have a product, you need printed labels for it. Designing labels for products can be an exciting yet tedious process. It pairs creativity with rules, which can be pretty tough. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Association) has some very specific requirements for labeling that can all seem overwhelming. It’s always way easier when you can see a simple list of necessary elements.

What You Need to Include

First, the name and the purpose of the product need to be on the label. This means that customers should be able to see the brand name and, preferably, the main ingredient. They should also be able to tell exactly what the product is: are they looking at dog treats or cat food? Is it a supplement? Is it something created strictly for nutritional purposes? Customers should be able to answer all of these questions easily by looking at the label.

Another thing that needs to be on the label is the net quantity statement. This is the part that tells people just how much product is in the container. It has to include metric units and should say the amount in “pound/ounce” measurements.

The ingredients have to be listed on your label, as well. They should be listed in order, from the biggest portion to the least. Basically, whichever ingredient is the highest percentage of the product should be the first ingredient listed.

There is another requirement for your labels that may seem unfamiliar to most. This section is called the “guaranteed analysis” and it includes the percentages of all of the ingredients in your pet food product. To properly list the elements of this list, you should send a sample of your product to a laboratory. You’ll need to do a little research to find the best laboratory for your product analysis.

Feeding directions are also good to include on your pet food label. The “directions” area should specify how much food or treat the customer should give their pet and when. A person should be able to read the label and know how frequently their pet should eat the product as well as have a clear amount description. In other words, make sure the label indicates to pet owners that they should feed their animal a certain amount according to the weight and size of the pet.

Your pet food label should also list the name and address of the manufacturer. This includes the city, state, and zip code of the person or company that produced the pet food item. If you or your company had the food product made by another company, you must specify that by placing “distributed by:” or something similar in front of your or your business’ address.

Blue Ribbon and Your Pet Food Label Design

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label specializes in designing labels for all kinds of brands and products, including pet food products. We are aware of the many regulations that are involved in labeling your product. We also know what it takes to make your brand stand out through eye-catching, durable labels. Blue Ribbon can help you design the perfect pet food label that follows FDA protocol and suits your needs.

It is our mission to help you create something you can be proud of and a brand people will love. Contact us at (954) 922-9292 or get a free quote to include us in the journey of getting your pet food product into the homes and hearts of pet lovers (and pets!).

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