The Pros of Utilizing Expanded Text Label Services

Your product label can say a lot about your company, your product, and whatever else you deem necessary! But, most products are too small to include a label big enough to include the amount of required or even wanted text onto packaging. So, label services have expanded to accommodate the growing number of products which need to display more information. Consider the benefits of utilizing expanded text labels for your product!

What are Expanded Text Labels?

Some products are required by the Food and Drug Administration to provide specific information such as manufacturing address, ingredients, warnings, descriptions, and directions. But, not every product package can provide the right amount of space for a label to display all the needed information. Furthermore, even if there was room for all the needed information, using this label space takes from your branding and marketing efforts. You want your label to provide information which may bring customers back to buy your products. So, if you don’t want to give up precious label space for required information, expanded text labels may be the perfect solution for your product.

Expanded text labels are labels which can be extended to show hidden material underneath. This provides much more space to offer that needed information which you’re required to provide. And, they’re easy to use. To show hidden information, a tab is provided for easy recognition and use. Then, the top material is pulled away to display material underneath. Information can be displayed on both front and back of the material, providing room for hundreds of more words than the average label. Once the customer is done reading the information on the expanded text label, it can be pressed back into its original position by the utilization of adhesive glues. This way, the label can be opened, read, and placed back time and time again.

Uses for Expanded Text Label Services

While most expanded text labels seen throughout the marketplace are used in medicine, that’s not the only industry that could benefit from utilizing expanded text labels. Some other applications or uses of these labels may include:

Marketing Efforts: Expanded text labels can be used to provide information on rebates for other purchases. Not only does this save room on the front of your labels, it adds to your marketing efforts to expand the business.

Customer Rewards: Want a way to reward your loyal customers and keep them coming back? A great and easy way is to add information to fill out a survey and provide reward codes onto your expanded text labels.

History: A great tool to get potential customers to start building trust with your company is to offer a story of company history. This will make those who haven’t even bought your products yet feel as if they know you. And, by knowing your history, they’ll be more likely to identify with your company and product.

Multi-Lingual: If you’re in an area of the country which the population uses more than English or in another country, it may be beneficial to utilize expanded text labels. That way, you can provide the same information potential customers will need in multiple languages. This not only helps the customer but helps you gain the business of more demographics.

Can you imagine extended text labels on your product? With Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, if you can dream it, we can create it! Check out our website to get a free quote for our label services!

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