Expanding Marketing Efforts: Business Sticker Labels

Business sticker labels can be utilized not only for product labeling but for other marketing efforts as well. Even companies and industries who don’t need to utilize product labels can further marketing efforts by utilizing business sticker labels. They’re a great way to easily spread the word about products, services, events, and even a new business. Promotional materials can be extremely beneficial to getting a wider audience to know about your business, other materials that can be used are things such as door hangers, postcards, etc. There are many sites like MyCreativeShop that can help you with getting these alongside your stickers. Find out with business sticker labels can do to help your marketing efforts with these ideas.

Ideas for Industries Who Can Utilize Business Sticker Labels

Medical Industry: Business sticker labels can be utilized on pharmaceuticals, as a way to label office equipment and many other outlets in the medical field. Often, pediatric offices will incorporate business sticker labels which are cut into kid-friendly shapes. This way, company branding is spread by simply giving a child a sticker. People in the cannabis industry can also use these stickers during events as a fun marketing plan, such as between the organizations you can see on this list here. It can be a tongue in cheek play on the classic doctor situation.

High Schools/Colleges: There are a number of ways that students can utilize business sticker labels. Consider designing stickers to include the school mascot or name. Soon, you’ll start to see that students have spread the word about your organization on their own by noticing your business sticker labels all around the campus and city!

Banking: As a financial institution, your clients will need reminding of yearly savings, payments, or other services. Business sticker labels are a great way to incorporate these reminders in a fun way. And, they give your banking organization a foot above the rest!

Hotels: Guests need helpful information about traveling to your city and utilizing all of your hotel amenities to get the most out of their visit. Stickers are a fun and affordable way to spread this information. Not to mention, they also provide a nice souvenir.

Where Can I Market with Business Sticker Labels?

Business sticker labels don’t only have to be placed on a product as a label. They can be designed to be placed anywhere! This way, your sticker marketing efforts can be seen in a number of places and reach a larger audience. So, where will you bring your business sticker labels? A few ideas include:

Conferences: Does your business take part in conferences or conventions? As you’re aware, these events are great marketing opportunities. Along with handing out useful information about your company, services, and products, also hand out business sticker labels so that the individuals that you meet at conferences provide marketing for you by placing your sticker where they see fit!

Community Events: Parades, volunteer activities, and other community events are a great opportunity to pass out your business sticker labels. This gives the entire community a chance to get to know your organization and learn about what you offer!

Your Business: Did you know that you can even market in-house? Put together an informational gift that includes brochures and your business sticker label. This will provide the needed information your potential customer needs to make the decision to business with your company. And, it offers a personalized and caring touch on your services compared to your competitors!

Information You Can Implement on Sticker Labels

  • Branding of your company including logo and business colors
  • Business operating hours
  • Directions to your place of business
  • Information on the history of your business
  • Helpful tips about industry products or services
  • Inspirational quotes relating to your product or service benefits
  • Recipes or charts relating to industry specifics

Ready to Get a Quote for Sticker Labels?

Think that business sticker labels might be a great way to spread the word about your business, services, or goods? Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! Give us a call today to get a free quote and get started on the design for your business stickers at (954) 922-9292.

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